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I want to point one thing out, Poison Ivy, especially in the comics, is shown as a curvy woman. Or a woman with bigger breasts, you can clearly see that on the image above, or even the images as you scroll down. Hollywood is always objectifying women because of their looks, so, one thing I kept in mind while picking some of these actresses was their breasts...and face shape. Another extremely hard person from the Batman Universe to cast. Below are my 10 choices of beautiful women who would/could make a GREAT Poison Ivy. Enjoy!

~ Bryce Dallas Howard

The Jurassic World star wouldn't just make a good Poison Ivy, she'd make an incredible one! Her acting is great, she's hot, what else?

~ Jessica Chastain

You might remember her from last months Crimson Peak, or the Martian. Her acting is great and she's beautiful. She'd too make a great Ivy.

~ Lyndsy Fonseca

You might remember her from Kick-Ass or possibly even Agent Carter. There again, her acting is great. She's got a nice body.

~ Eva Green

If you read my previous article of the casting of Catwoman (which you can find the link to at the bottom of the page) you might remember how I said she plays a lot of deceiving type characters, this would be another great role for her to play.

~ Evan Rachel Wood

Hasn't really been in big big suff, lots of littler things. She appeared in the 2008's The Wrestler and also in Trueblood. She would also make a great Ivy.

~ Rachel Nichols

Star Trek, G.I.Joe, Lots of other things, she has shown us that she can act, and, she has a great body.

~ Emily Blunt

Another great, beautiful actress. She also has a great body. You've seen her movies..I don't need to explain.

~ Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig's wife. Another great actress that you've probably seen in film before. So again, I don't need to explain.

~ Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks would also make a great Ivy. Out of all the ladies listed so far, she has the greatest body for the role. From Mad Men to Drive, her acting is also great.


~ Alexandra Breckenridge

You might remember her as the sexy maid from season 1 of American Horror Story, even as Jesse from season 5 and 6 of The Walking Dead, and from Trueblood. She's a beautiful actress who, has a great body, and I think, would make one of the best Poison Ivy's. Hopefully her career gets bigger. Hey, she's even done nude, so that's a plus...right?

So What Do You Think Of My Choices? Who Do You Think Would Make A Great Poison Ivy? Tell Me In the Comments Below! THANKS FOR READING!!

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