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When we hear big scary Hollywood is about to make a big screen adaptation of one of our most awesome childhood cartoons, understandably we get a bit nervous. Why shouldn't we? These aren't just cartoons for us. These characters were invited into our childhoods and are pretty much like our most treasured "best friends". We have every right to be overprotective! Especially after we have seen the Hollywood monster tear our other cartoon friends to shreds and spit them out again and again (RIP: Alvin, Jem, and Smurfs). Well we are happy to report that we've seen “The Peanuts Movie” and here are 5 reasons you can rest easy that the Peanuts gang is in good hands!:

This movie is Rated "G" for “GREAT”

There is not a single innuendo in this film. However that doesn't mean there aren't laughs for adults. On the contrary most of the jokes are the same "Peanuts" humor you've grown to love. All the jokes are innocent, clean and funny but they are not by any means unintelligent. Every joke is genuinely funny without being reduced to fart jokes as other animated films have done.

"If It Wasn't Broke, DON’T FIX IT!"

The Peanuts Movie creators have made the choice to not update the film's setting in any way. Things like cell phones, Twitter and computers were never apart of Charlie Brown’s world and they still aren't. Which keeps everything in the same realm.

Don't Mess With A Classic!

A lot of fans were scarred when they heard that "Peanuts" was going to be getting the Hollywood treatment but fans have nothing to fear with this adaptation. Snoopy isn't rapping, Schroeder isn't playing “Katy Perry” on his piano and Lucy is still asking for only 5 cents for her psychiatric help. (Inflation hasn't even hit Charlie Brown's world yet!) Every character, every line of dialogue is just as you remember them. This is PEANUTS as it has always been and how it was meant to be.

“Lookin good, Charlie Brown!”

The animation style has been given a beautiful CGI update but it still feels like Peanuts. Which is probably on account of the non-traditional use of 3 dimensional characters. In fact the characters are adorably still “2D” and look magically hand drawn with a touch of CGI. As if they stepped off of the comic strip and onto the screen.

“The Peanuts Movie” by Schulz

This film feels like our childhoods on screen and maybe one of the biggest reasons Peanuts feels so true to its roots is, because two out of the three screenwriters of the Peanuts movie share the last name Schulz. Brain and Craig are the grandson and son of the late great creator of the original Peanuts comic script Charles Schulz.

So come hang out with the Peanuts gang again for more of the heartwarming adventures that made you fall in love with them in the first place in “The Peanut’s Movie” on in theaters November 6th


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