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I'm pretty late to the party in terms of watching The Walking Dead; I'm currently at mid season 4, and I quite like Glenn's character and placement in the show right now. Now that I know that he dies in season 6, I'm going to appreciate his presence much more as I continue watching the show.

But what I keep hearing is that Glenn in fact lived, and it was the other guy's body that the walkers are ripping into. I don't believe this, but if it's true, I'm going to be pissed off. The characters are supposed to be expendable and die at some point. In my opinion, the death of Dale in season 2 was stupid and unreasonable. He still died though. At least his death had meaning because he actually stayed dead. It's time to dispute all the theories people have come up with as to why Glenn did or could've lived.

1. Nickolas Covered Him From Walkers

This might have some reasoning behind it, but there's no way Glenn survives even still. Those walkers tore that body to shreds in mere seconds. Does anyone really think Glenn could make it out of that horde without becoming their next meal?

2. Glenn Climbs Under The Dumpster

Again, up high on top of the dumpster is one thing, but underneath? Zombies can crawl and reach people underneath things, just as we saw in the very first episode.

3. Nick's Blood Will Camouflage Glenn

People try to twist this one out of context so it makes sense. They're referring to when Rick and Glenn escaped the horde by covering themselves in walker guts.

Those were guts, not blood and of a walker, not a living person. Glenn having fresh human blood on him will only entice the horde and make it harder for him to escape, and we already discussed how there's nowhere for him to go in the first place.

Sorry to see you go, Glenn, because there's no way you lived. If Glenn somehow survives, the only thing season 6 of The Walking Dead will have to survive is bad writing.


Did Glenn Die or did he make it out unharmed?


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