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Barry goes on a "blind" date. Cisco embraces a certain vibe. And Wells messes with everyone. All on this weeks The Flash!


Guys, Meet Harry

Is there a Dirty Harry joke to make here?
Is there a Dirty Harry joke to make here?

Harrison Wells from Earth-2 shows up and everyone is uncomfortable. None of them can reconcile the fact that this is not the same Harrison Wells that they knew. He didn't murder their love ones and hurt them and the city. No. This Harrison Wells is funny as Hell. He is a cold man who doesn't care who likes him and wants Barry to kill so badly. And a father. That part was dropped on us so quickly and so nonchalantly that if you weren't paying attention you wouldn't have noticed til the very end of the episode.

Cisco decides to call him Harry because it is too confusing otherwise. He is not the only one with a strong reaction to Wells. Joe straights up tries to shoot him. Iris finds him unnerving. Jay just throws up a straight up tantrum. It is all really great. And Harry's jerkiness leads to one of the best lines ever from Cisco: “You know, our Dr. Wells may have been evil, but you’re just a diiiiicck.”

Now, Wells is not a straight up good guy or bad guy. Zoom has kidnapped his daughter. I can imagine he would do anything to get her back, even potentially killing Barry. And weirdly, I am okay if he tries. I don't want Wells to be a villain. I don't. But under these circumstances, I think I would be okay with it.

Dr. Light: Barry's Ex-Girlfriend

Dr. Light was the villain of the week, though she is hanging around for at least one more episode. She is a young metahuman that can control light beams. She also happens to be Earth-2's Linda Park. It was an interesting reveal that I didn't get til my brother pointed out the actress's voice. Barry and Dr. Light face off against eachother a few times, including a time that lead to Barry being blind. But the most interesting face off was when Dr. Light went to kill Linda Park.

It seems that all villains from Earth-2 have to kill their counterparts in Earth-1. Don't know why. Let's just go with it. Dr. Light catch up with Linda when she is at work. Iris, after Dr. Light accidentally kills someone unimportant who was just barely introduced, uses a gun that Joe gave her to shoot Dr. Light's helmet off. Light, of course, doesn't succeed and Linda is safe. And Linda has a new found appreciation for Iris and her badassness.

The more interesting part of this story line was Wells and Jay's different opinions on how to handle Light. Wells says she has to die. Jay insists Barry could talk to her. Both were kind of right. Light didn't want to hurt anyone, but had to and did. But she is more useful to Star Labs alive.

Barry's "Blind" Date

Remember when I told you Barry was blinded for a while. Well, that lead to one of the best dates that I've seen on television.

Barry, with the help from Cisco, decided to finally ask Patty out. She accepts. However, Barry is blinded and decides to postpones. Until Iris helpfully points out that Cisco could be very helpful in this situation.

So, Barry goes on the date wearing sunglasses that had video cameras and a mic. This should have been stupid. However, the three actors did a good job at selling the whole thing. What made it even better was that Patty figured it all out. The show didn't treat her like she was stupid. She is a detective after all. I am also glad they didn't make her anger with Barry, just amused with the situation. And it works out for everybody.

Someone else also got a date this episode. Cisco, after making fun of Barry, decided to try asking out the cute new barista. The barista just happens to be Hawkgirl, but no one knows that quite yet. I am not even sure she does. Anyway, she turns him down and he walks away without coffee. Just a really bad situation all around.

At the end of the episode, Cisco goes back to actually get coffee this time. Just coffee. But she asks if he is sure. She explains she had just moved to Central City and was knocked off guard by Cisco. And metahumans. She thought it over, and if Cisco still wanted a date, he could have one.

Let's Talk About Vibe

Cisco's powers were finally revealed to everyone. And about time, too. I was so tired of it being dragged out. However, I wasn't the biggest fan of how that happened. Cisco didn't decide to tell everybody. Harry did. Harry needed Cisco to use his powers and he made Cisco do it. I do wish that Cisco was able to tell his friends himself. Because, almost every secret on this show isn't told by the people that hold them. But, at least Harry was the one who did it. If it was anyone else, it would have been worse.

And I am glad no one was angry with Cisco. Barry and Caitlin assure him it doesn't change the way they look at him. And that he has nothing to worry about. And Barry, later gives Cisco his nickname, Vibe, in a very cheesy, cheesy way that doesn't come out the right way.

Oh, and Caitlin and Jay kissed. I really don't care about this romance. And Jay gets more unlikable every episode. Those are my only thoughts on the matter.

What did you think about this episode?


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