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Coulson and Rosalind have a day together. So do May and Bobbi. And Hunter annoys Mack and Daisy. And I am correct about something you guys didn't know I guessed. All on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Coulson and Rosalind, Better Together?

I'll admit. I don't get exactly what was the point of pretending that Rosalind's apartment was broken into. Was it just to distract Coulson? Probably. But, I digress. They spend most of the day in Rosalind's apartment. Coulson is convinced that Rosalind had set the whole things up because she wants him to like her and to not show him the ATCU facility. And yeah, that was mostly true. But after being called out, she takes him to the facility.

There he finds out that they are holding Inhumans in a type of insulating gel. Pretty much a "medical induced coma", as Rosalind puts it. Coulson immediately voices his concerns, but Rosalind quickly defends the ATCU. And in a great way. She points out that the Inhumans they have didn't want their powers. They hurt themselves and others. This was away to keep them safe and still control them.

She also reveals that she lost her husband to cancer. She says she wished she could have did the same thing to her husband and keep him there til he could be saved. She wants to be able to look at each Inhuman in the eyes and say they could cure them of their "disease". Rosalind even points out it is hard to keep her humanity during all of it, but she believes that she can help them. And Coulson pretty much agrees.

May and Bobbi Chase After a Scared Kid

May is back. After what happened to Andrew (he is fine), she decides she has to take on the search for Ward, herself. And she decides to drag Bobbi along with her. But, Bobbi is not fully okay. She hasn't even passed all her medical tests yet. May doesn't care. Time to head on a field trip.

They end up tracking Werner von Strucker. And like, I said, he is a scared kid. He is terrified of Ward and just wants to disappear. But, more on him later. Let's get back to Bobbi and May. They head to a bank to get something from a safe deposit box. They, of course, set off an alarm and May is ready for a fight.

However, Bobbi has other plans. She tries talk her way out of it. And it almost works. Almost. So, they are forced to take out the guys. May sees this entire thing as Bobbi holding back. May tells her that she once scouted her at the academy and she was damn impressed. She points out the biggest difference between Bobbi then and now:She has experience. And she needs to use it.

And Bobbi follows May's advice. She gets her shit together and kicks Wards two in commend ass. May, meanwhile, finds Werner. He was being tortured by Ward's men. She easily takes care of the men and asks a dying Werner where Ward is. But, he doesn't tell her about Ward. No, he tells her about Andrew.

Yes, Andrew was Lash

Turns out Andrew was Lash along. I don't know how this will be explained, but I can't wait to see S.H.I.E.L.D. try. And this will tear May up, won't it? And this is where I brag about being right. So was half the internet. But, so was I. And that is all that matters.

And I don't want Andrew to be all bad. He actually is good at his job. Daisy trusts him to be her sounding board. And he had a great chat with Jemma in this episode. Both of them pointing out how people treating them like they are fragile. You really see this with Jemma. When Daisy calls asks her to work, Jemma jumps at the chance. And when Fitz tells her that he can't get the portal fixed, she first assumes he is trying not to help her at all and tell him she's not that fragile.

Fitz, for his part, was actually trying really hard to save Will. And didn't give it a second thught, until Hunter put some thoughts in his head. Hunter was really messing with people this week. Anyway, long story short, Fitz starts cyber-stalking Will.

Mack and Daisy Hunt(er) for Lash

Before the big Andrew reveal, Daisy and Mack thought it was Rosalind's attack dog, Banks. And Hunter, after being benched from the hunt for Ward, begs to drive. So, they let him and he causes some issues. He immediately wants to capture Banks when the other two just want to tail him. And when they have to make the decision what to do, Hunter just goes out there and ices him and drags him back to the van. He calms Mack's and Daisy's fears and says they just need to get a bit of his blood to tell if he was Inhuman. He even helpfully gets them the blood, by punching him in the face. Hunter admits he has some anger issues.

But, at last. Banks was not Lash. It was not all for naught. The three of them get the address for the ATCU facility. There, with the help of a new dwarf that Daisy stole from Fitz, they see what Rosalind is up to. And Daisy is not happy. She get even madder when she sees that Coulson was there. This will once again strain her and Coulson's relationship.

Hail Hydra!

Ward is on the hunt for Von Strucker. And he gets some help from a special friend. Von Strucker decided to run to his dad's friend. Too bad for him the friend thinks Ward made a mistake with recruiting Von Strucker.

So, he happily hands over Von Strucker to Ward and takes the opportunity to tell Ward off for being sloppy. He decides to offer Ward some advice. And Ward seems to happily take it.

It was one packed episode. I think I covered anything, but if I missed something important, please don't hate me. I've only seen the episode once.

What did you think of this week's episode?


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