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2016 will be the year of the Apocalypse.... In the Marvel universe and in theaters, that is. [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) will be released on May 27, 2016. By looking at the IMDb website, you can tell a lot about a movie, and by looking at the credits, there is a lot that is revealed about the plot of the movie.


The next installment in the X-Men franchise will most definitely take place primarily in the First Class franchise. This can be seen by the fact that most of the main characters are credited from the First Class franchise. There is no one from the Bryan Singer Trilogy returning; not even Wolverine.


The plot of the movie will revolve around (obviously) Apocalypse and his arrival. What will be happening before he arrives is Professor X following through with his promise from Days of Future Past to Wolverine to seek out the X-Men. In fact, the three main people Wolverine told Professor X to find are in the movie; Cyclopes (Tye Sheridan) , Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Jean Gray (Sophie Turner). In the credits there is Ian Geldart who is credited as an "Alkali Guard". Now Alkali refers to Alkali Lake, the birth place of Wolverine. This would mean that in the movie, Mystique has taken Wolverine, as it was left in Days of Future Past, and has gone to Alkali Lake.

Evan Peters is reprising his role as Quicksilver as well.

Jennifer Lawrence is reprising her role as Mystique.

Lucas Till is reprising his role as Havok.

Plague and Caliban are in the movie, these are two of the four horsemen. What does it mean? It could mean that we will see only part of Apocalypse.

Morlocks are credited in the movie as well. A community of Mutant Outcasts, primarily living in New York.

Mrs. Summers is in the movie...

"Mall Shopper" - Good to know!

New Mutants : Psylock, NightCrawler,


The movie will begin as Professor X and Hank McCoy go to recruit the Mutants that Wolverine told him about (Storm, Cyclops and Jean). The first would be Cyclops, Havok's brother. There they will meet with Mrs. Summers and find Scott to recruit him to join the school. They would then seek out Storm and Jean. Eventually they would begin teaching the students at the newly formed school. The movie would take place shortly after X-Men : Days of Future Past probably about 10 years. Then the movie would show the coming of different mutants, two of which would be Caliban and Plague, one of which might be fought by the X-Men in a mall setting.

Meanwhile, Charles Xavier would be seeking out Wolverine after his disappeared and send a team to Alkali Lake, where William Stryker will have transformed Logan into the Wolverine. As the two horsemen arrive, Apocalypse would arrive and discuss how the future was changed and it woke him up from a long sleep. It would be up to the X-Men to fight this new threat. The movie will span the world, and show Poland and Egypt.

Possibly with a scene of Apocalypse rising in Egypt and heading for Europe. The movie could also see Magneto returning to Poland to where he lost his family to the Holocaust. The Berlin Wall will play a role in the movie.

As soon as the Trailer arrives, more information will be revealed, and more of the plot can be discerned.


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