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Hal Jordan has been heavily hinted at all throughout both The Flash and Arrow, but most recently we actually saw proof of his existence. We saw a man wearing a flight jacket with "Jordan" on it in a bar with Oliver Queen in a flashback. Now that we know for a fact he exists, it's only logical we actually see him on one of the CW shows. Since there's a heavy chance we'll see him, I would like to suggest five actors who could bring this role to the TV screen, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Zachary Levi

Levi is very suave and charming as a person, and definitely has the superhero look (considering he was one of the Warriors Three in Thor: The Dark World). He has the body and the look for the character, and aside from his terrific action roles, he's also quite funny. If he could put his natural humor to work and create chemistry with Grant Gustin/Stephen Amell, then he could outshine even Ryan Reynolds.

2. Jensen Ackles

Ackles basically has all of the same qualities as Levi, except he's shown on screen several times that he practically is Hal Jordan. Every time he switches from a funny moment to a serious action scene on Supernatural, he showcases the ability he has to play this character. He could bring the perfect balance of comedy and action to this role, and if he created the same kind of chemistry he has with Jared Padalecki with Grant and Stephen, then we would truly be in for the best Green Lantern we've ever seen.

3. Jake McDorman

While Jake McDorman doesn't quite look like Hal Jordan from the comics, he does act like him. Have you seen Limitless yet? I'm fully convinced that he was born for this role! He displays the perfect balance of humorous qualities and action sequences, and could bring Hal Jordan to the small screen perfectly.

4. Steven Yeun

I usually try to avoid trans-racial castings, but Yeun has everything he needs to play a perfect Hal Jordan. He's charming and wonderful with action sequences, and is also able to joke around in the hairiest of situations. Basically, Glenn in seasons one or two of The Walking Dead is how I imagine this Hal Jordan. Young and strapping, kind of goofy, but at the same time a total badass. And since his race doesn't mess with the character's origin story or dynamics, why not Yeun? I hear he might be looking for a new job.

5. Mike Vogel

Mike Vogel also doesn't quite look like Hal Jordan from the comics, but he can make up for that in skill. He could bring some gravitas to Green Lantern by emphasizing the serious aspects of the character and toning down the wise cracks a bit. I say this just because Vogel is such an amazing serious actor, and I don't want to see him try to ruin what he already has with cheesy one-liners and cheap laughs. He's charming and well versed with his roles, so I think he would be a perfect fit.


Who do you think would make the best Green Lantern?


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