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Clandestine is a fun, new take on a two-player story that emerges from developer Logic Artists. The game takes on playing as a single-player, shooting your way through old files left over from contacts. Check it out on Steam now!

1. Exciting Co-Op Abilities

Images from logicartists
Images from logicartists

Clandestine is based completely around cooperative play, although you can play alone if you want to. One person will be playing as 'Katya' a Russian spy and your friend can play as 'Martin,' a professional hacker. These two add a fun aspect to the game when playing with a buddy, but playing solo is just as satisfying if you want to give the game a go alone. Doing so, you can even play a run-through as each character!

2. Refreshing Combat Style

Images from logicartists
Images from logicartists

The combat in Clandestine is, overall, a phenomenal take on fighting style. When taking down a guard silently, you can choose between a lethal or a nonlethal takedown. Also, when you play as Katya, you have a pistol boasting a silencer with you. You can be just as stealthy as you can be aggressive, which is really fun. If you choose to play as Martin, you actually can't shoot a gun or choose from special takedown moves; but you can break through firewalls and try to avoid the server administrator as a high tech warrior instead. This can be thrilling when trying to hack through a program as a bad guy creeps toward you every second.

3. A Storyline That Feels New, Even If It's Not

Images from logicartists
Images from logicartists

The story that builds in Clandestine is very interesting for a video game. Most games are usually set in the future now, or involve some sort of technology that's in the future. As for Clandestine, the world is taken all the way back to 1996. Ahh, the good ol' '90s. As the player, you're trying to unravel a post-Cold War conspiracy act. A bunch of "accidents" and "random" occurrences of murder are going unnoticed by the general public of society. For Katya and Martin, they'll be getting shipped around the world to embark on dangerous missions to tie up loose ends and the mysterious source of the leaked CIA and FBI information.


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