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*Spoiler Review*

Being a true fan of the show, I knew I couldn’t defend season two for much longer if it stayed as flat as it has been. Especially after Jerome died I found myself drifting away from the concept. But this episode finally gave season two the spark it needed to ignite the rest of the season. It set up new character story lines and finally exposed the main villain of the season, which will make for some very interesting face offs in the near future.

I was getting very irritated with the cluelessness of Gordon when it came to Theo Galavan, I mean how are you not suspicious of a dude no one knew a couple of months ago and now he’s about to become mayor. As this episode went on it was very satisfying to see the lightbulb in Gordon's head go off as new information came to light. The ways this information came out was also very interesting, leading into the next element that made this episode great which was the character development.

The episode opened with the Penguin finding his mother in a warehouse of some sorts which of course, was a set up. It revealed to us that not only was Galavan out for blood, but that Butch was no longer taking orders. This also opened up a new rage inside of Penguin, as it would for anyone who watched their mother bleed out in their own hands. While this major plot point was unfolding there was also some major character development with Edward aka the Riddler. As revealed in the conclusion of last episode Miss Kringle is dead at the feet of her suitor. Dealing with this guilt made Nygma’s split personality worse than ever. In fact, “he” was able to take over “their” body to move Miss Kringle while leaving Nygma riddles to find her. This unfortunately, caused Edward to completely snap, leaving us with a shot of him powering up a tool to disembody his former love.

This episode left me with an excitement for new episodes that I haven’t felt in awhile and I am very excited to see not only how the Galavan story plays out but to see the rise of the riddler. Oh, and is anyone wondering what Fish is doing?? Because I know that woman is not dead…… that would be too easy.


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