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When Earth-2's Harrison Wells popped up on screen, I was willing to give the guy a chance. But when he opened his mouth and started talking, my opinion quickly changed. Yes, I'm just gonna say it right here and now: Earth-2's Harrison Wells is a jerk. I see why Jay doesn't like him. No, the man isn't evil (well, at least not yet), but when it comes to arrogance, let's just say he's got Tony Stark beat all to pieces.

Tony, meet your DC counterpart.
Tony, meet your DC counterpart.

There is obviously some friction between the Crimson Comet and Harrison (or as we're now apparently calling him, "Harry") Wells. The source of this friction is the particle accelerator's release of dark matter, which was intentionally orchestrated by Harry Wells himself. From what we've seen of Harry so far, he's not really evil, he's not even misunderstood. The truth of the matter is, he's just an obnoxious jerk. It really is possible to be a jerk without being evil and vice versa. But adding Harry to Team Flash has certainly altered the dynamics of how this well-oiled machine previously functioned. Not only did Harry's presence mess with the budding chemistry between Jay and Caitlyn, he also revealed Cisco's abilities (much to Cisco's chagrin), and alienated both Jay and Barry, which -- considering that they, if anyone, would know how to defeat Zoom -- was a mistake. Jay's "him or me" moment was especially poignant because Barry had to choose between his mentor and a man who resembled his mother's murderer, but claimed to be more knowledgeable about his opponent. Unfortunately, Barry seems to have made the wrong decision as evidenced by the new poster for the show.

From the above image, we can gather that not only is Harry obnoxious and a jerk, he's actually evil as well. Which kind of makes me wonder if all versions of Harrison Wells are evil. The conflict between Earth-2's Fastest Man Alive and Smartest Man Alive was quite interesting, especially when the two literally came to blows over what the team's next move should be.

I'm just going to make a confession here. Evil Wells I liked. Obnoxious, Jerk Wells? Not so much. But like him or not, it's rapidly becoming painfully obvious that Obnoxious Jerk Wells is here to stay. That being said, I seriously hope that Jay and Harry can patch up their differences, although at this point that seems to be about as likely as Cisco (excuse me, Vibe) dating Hawkgirl. Oh, wait. That's actually happening. Never mind.

Vibe and Hawkgirl set up their first super date
Vibe and Hawkgirl set up their first super date

And while we're on the subject of adorable couples, can I just say that Barry and Patty are pretty much the most awkwardly adorable couple on television right now?

See what I mean?
See what I mean?

But what do you guys think? Has Earth-2 Wells changed Team Flash for the worse? Are Cisco and Kendra going to become the most awesome super couple ever? Will Barry and Patty's relationship remain the most adorable thing about the show?

The Flash Season 2 continues Tuesdays on The CW.


Has Earth-2 Wells caused more harm than good?


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