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Huge fan of both Marvel AND Dc. I love talking about this with my friends and thought it could be cool to post online about my opinions...

Alright, I am writing this post to answer @TrishyTrish and to develop my point when I say that Jared Leto will not be as great as Hollywood wants the world to believe in the role of the Joker in Suicide Squad's movie.

For me, The Joker is an iconic character that you must have (or should) in any DC movie (I know, it would be weird to see him with The Flash!) and if I have a lot of bad things to say about him, it really breaks my hearth.

Let's first talk about his Ridiculous Tattoos... Too much. Weird. Dumb. Three things that say long about how I feel about them. For example, there is the word "damaged" written on his forehead (see picture below), like if it was not obvious that he was "damaged". We all know that The Joker is a psychopath that loves to hurt people for fun, there is no need of a tattoo to tell us that.

The "damaged" word is tattooed on his forehead
The "damaged" word is tattooed on his forehead

Now, The Grills. (see below) The freakin' grills! What's up with them?! And why?!! It seems like he cared about his teeth. Furthermore, it looks like he had money for dental care. By the way, theorists say that he had to replace his teeth with them after being punched by Batman... It is dumb and will not pass the next decade.

Grills to replace his teeth after a punch
Grills to replace his teeth after a punch

Did I say enough? I am not sure, but that all I have to say for now. I will do a part 3 if I get any request or if there are any other interesting news about him out.

Now, I want to adress the following text to @TrishyTrish. Below, you will find my sources. And because you like/love a character does not mean that he/she is great. That being said, I found a lot of websites (in seconds) talking about the bad joker that he is (not talking about performance, though) and I do not hink that you were prepared enough before commenting my last post about Jared Leto's Joker. Because if you would have had, you would not have told me that EVERYONE is talking in good about him because that is not true.

CLICK HERE to read the first post that I wrote about Jared Leto's Joker.


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