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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead TV and comic series. Avoid them like a herd of walkers if you don't want spoilage!

So first off, shout out to Barbara Boyer for tipping me off to this theory in her comment on my latest wacko theory here.

Here's part A. Remember in the comics (or I'm about to tell you about the comics, if you haven't read them) where Negan has been captured, and is now being held in a makeshift prison in the basement of an unknown house. Carl visits him regularly, and Negan asks him this during one visit:


To which Carl says "You know I do."


Rick even visits him in his cell and reminds him that he neutered him like a dog.

Part B! In last Sunday's show, where was Morgan held (even if the door never actually was locked) for part of the show?

"maybe i should at least TRY to open the door"
"maybe i should at least TRY to open the door"

And where was the final scene filmed?

maybe Negan has false teeth somewhere...
maybe Negan has false teeth somewhere...

Seems to be a lot of references to holding someone captive, cells, etc., Isn't there?

Does this mean that Morgan's prisoner was really a not-so-dead Crighton Dallas Wilton? Does it mean he's actually Negan, just with really, REALLY bad teeth? Probably not on both accounts, but all these makeshift prisons and prisoners, and now Glenn dying NOT dying NOT...not dying...pretty good stuff!


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