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As the Walking Dead continues to keep its viewers wondering who will live and who will perish, there is a safety net around Rick Grimes.

The deeper we get into the series, the more we connect to different characters. But are these core characters completely safe from harm? Has 6 seasons of running from walkers made them immune? No way! Nobody is safe from the dangers of this Aplocolyptic world.

No one, except for Rick. He is safe. He has the safety net around him and cannot be killed. (Harmed, hurt, and wounded ..yes) but he will overcome.

Is he due to lose his hand? Yes he is, but that is still a maybe, a lost hand happened in the beginning of the series with Merle, and the way the book reads and the actual program plays is sometimes different.

But something in the pilot episode sealed Rick's fate. As he lay in a coma at the hospital, he was visited by Shane, who gave him a gift of flowers. Rick was fading in and out of consciousness for a bit. He was then fully awake, looked over at the flowers (which have long been dead) and asked "....where are ya, buddy? In the JOHN?" And after that word, JOHN, he looks at the stopped clock on the wall that reads 2:17.

After season three, I had a tiny thought that there was a connection between Shane and Carl. I wanted to go back to the start and find a clue that makes Shane the biological father of Carl.

I found no strong evidence, so I let it go. That is when I saw the JOHN 2:17 revelation. I looked up the biblical interpretation and found this...

The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.
Bible Hub › john › 2-17

Rick has since proven to be the savior in the group, and many times was doubted and considered to be not capable of leading this group. He always returns as the heart of the group. He even wears the Jesus Christ look well...


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