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Just like last week this post will have some spoilers (I did my best not to put anything that would really give away the episode in the review)

So read at your own risk.

You ready? Let's go

So I was looking forward to seeing this episode, because I'm a fan of Morgan, I have been since season one. He was a man battling two worlds, in one world he had a wife and a son, two people he loved and wanted to protect, to people he just didn't and won't let go. They grounded him, they kept him sane.

Then there was the other world, the real world, where his wife as dead and him and his son were just making it day by day, moment by moment. Then they met Rick and being that Rick was new to this world, and saw it all in a different light, he gave Morgan hope.

Fast-forward a few months (I think it's a few months, The Walking Dead is a little shaky when it comes to timelines) and his a broken man, with no hope left. His child is dead, killed by his walker wife (I think that's what they said). He hated the world and he was beyond out of control. Which is the point he is at when this episode starts.

It's a flash back to Morgan running wild and killing anyone he seems to come across (To be fair, those people were up to something. I don't know what, but they had it coming), till he runs into Eastman, a peace loving, ass kicker who's been holding up in the woods (The Walking Dead's version of a Hippie).

I honestly don't even want to make this recap too long, or read to much into it because it was kind of a let down. The whole point of it is that Eastman saved Morgan from the dark path he was on, so now Morgan believes that he can do the same for other people, but this whole episode should have shown Morgan that this "turn the other cheek" way of life wasn't meant for this world. Let's look at Eastman, he was dealing with the murder of his family. He was driven by hate and madness much like Morgan was, but the only difference was he got his revenge, he got to get his hands on the thing that caused his pain (The person who killed his family). Then he decides that "every life is worth it"? A fact that was a little to late for the man he killed (Or let die, however you want to look at it). So Eastman decided to give up killing and went to live in the woods.

There are a few problems with that, one he doesn't come across anyone but walkers so saying he won't kill another human being doesn't really mean much. Also when Morgan attacks him we see that there are points were he can be pushed towards a darker path, but he chooses not to go down that road. This peaceful way of life works when you only have yourself to take care of, and if you're holding up in the woods, but Morgan bringing that world into the real world will most likely lead to him having a break down, getting someone killed, or getting killed himself.

This episode showed that this peaceful way of life really doesn't lead to anything but death, Eastman's family died, Eastman died, hell even the goat died.

R.I.P Old Friend
R.I.P Old Friend

Aside from that Morgan's battle is with this world, the real world that stole his life, he has every right to be a monster, in fact that's what would keep him alive. He didn't get that epiphany defining moment, where he over comes his inner monster that Eastman got, which only means that his pushing it down, and the more he pushes and tries to carry on Eastman's teachings, the closer he may get to self-destructing.

Morgan is a ticking time bomb, the question isn't if or when he'll blow, it's how big will the blast be.

And when the hell are we gonna find out about Glenn?

You're playing a deadly game AMC, a very deadly game.


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