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For many fans The Amazing Spider-man saga is crap compared to the Spider-man saga. For others is the opposite, and for other, like me, there's things i like in one of them and in the other. I like that in The Amazing Spider-man movies he has a web shooter.

I love Peter and Gwen together

and i specially LOVE Gwen (way more than the Spider-man Mary Jane)

But i HATE that they killed her... at least like that...

... and so soon... it's just so sad...

I think they should have made like 3 or 4 films before killing her and show Mary Jane and her together so that Peter would be like...

Moving on. In the Spider-man saga i love J.Jonah Jameson

I love that the story seem's so mutch more real than The Amazing Spider-man one, and that the villains seem also so real.(Attencion: I do not count Spider-man 3 as a Spider-man movie, even though it wasn't terrible, it was still a pain.)

Now here's what Rhys Ifans has to say about his The Amazing Spider-man movie:

As I got into it, I remember looking into The Lizard and there was one of the comics where Dr. Curt Connors goes home, and he's messing about with his Lizard-ness. He takes his work home with him, and he eats his kids. I remember thinking at the time, 'That's the film I want to be in.' Not necessarily Dr. Curt Connors eating his kids, but in terms of exploration, in terms of what this film could be about, that was the film. And of course, it could never be that. Whatever you're told and promised at the beginning of something, when it comes to franchises like that, it's never ever going to be what ends up on screen.

Now that, my friends, is a man disapointed with a character. I liked the Lizard but i didn't LOVE him. I don't know why he had to have such a small mouth (it seemed like he could hardly talk) and specially... why he was always naked...


Do you agree with Rhys Ifans?


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