ByAnthony Mattos, writer at
I watch a wide variety of shows and movies, and one day I was like hey i kind of want to share my opinion and theories.


So now we are 5 episodes into what seems to be an amazing season of THE FLASH, and yet again we all got the same question. Who the hell is zoom? Not like, WHAT IS ZOOM? I mean who is underneath the mask. Zoom has been sending all these meta human doppelgangers to kill The Flash, but why focus so much on Barry? The first meta killed off his doppelganger counter part, the second let his get arrested, and now the third was so hell bent on killing her earth 1 self just to take her place. That got me thinking, what if hes so focused on Barry cause Barry is his earth 1 doppelganger. YES that's right, ZOOM is earth 2 Barry Allen. If you pause the last episode at the right moment, you will see zoom turn towards the camera and you get a good non blur look at him. His suit is pretty much Barry's suit but in black. Plus it also explains why he is so hell bent on killing Barry. Again this is just a theory, may be a little out there but it seems to be lining up.


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