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If there was a love child between South Park and James Bond, Archer would be the glorious offspring. This show crude, action-packed, hilarious and, most importantly, ridiculously entertaining. Fun fact: the design of each character was actually modeled after a real person. But something cool about Archer is that the voice actors for the characters could actually play them in real life (minus H. Jon Benjamin as Archer). Just check them out...

Pretty spot on if you ask me....
Pretty spot on if you ask me....

But if there were to be a new, live-action version of Archer, it would be interesting to see what a whole new cast would bring to the table. With that in mind, here is a brand new set of actors who I think could play these eccentric characters perfectly in a live-action series or movie!

Sterling Archer - Ryan Reynolds

Brash, sarcastic and border-line narcissistic, yet rather intelligent and highly skilled. Who better to play Archer than the man who is bringing the "Merc with a Mouth," Deadpool, to the big screen - Ryan Reynolds?

Lana Kane - Zoe Saldana

One of the top agents in ISIS (not to be confused with the Middle East Radicals). Lana is a woman who can put any man in their place in every context imaginable. One actress who has played roles that are very much kindred spirits to Lana Kane is Zoe Saldana (Gamora - Guardians of the Galaxy, Neytiri - Avatar, Cataleya - Columbiana, just to name a few)

Malory Archer - Holland Taylor

The leader of ISIS but by no means fit for the job. Much like her son, Sterling, Malory has a major drinking problem and is incredibly self-centered: taking on "special missions" for her own personal benefits, showing concern for someone else if it will ultimately effect herself, etc. Reminds me of Holland Taylor's motherly roles on Two and a Half Men and even George of the Jungle.

Cheryl Tunt - Alison Brie

The glue sniffing, millionaire, "whore-diot" secretary of the group. Cheryl has had multiple names throughout the series to hide/find her identity (Cheryl Gimple, Carol, Cristal, Carina) and even became a country singer named Cherlene. With so many different sides of Cheryl, it will take an actress who has shown her ditsy, promiscuous, musical talents. One woman who fits the bill by far is Alison Brie. Don't believe me? Just watch!

Cyril Figgis - Adam Scott

A nerdy, somehow field agent, accountant who is pretty much the punching bag for Archer. Cyril is often walked on by almost everyone (Archer more often than not), but he has had his shining moments when he can save the day. Kind of like Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation portrayed by Adam Scott.

Pam Poovey - Rebel Wilson

A woman of many talents which include underground fighting, drag racing, sculpting works of art our of marzipan, and apparently really great at sex according to Archer. She has been able to hold her own sarcastically and physically with others and becomes a field agent even though she started as the human resource professional of ISIS. In a live-action version, I think Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect would be perfect for the role with her comedic timing and her ability to do more physically demanding skills on screen.

Ray Gillette - Sean Hayes

An openly gay member of the ISIS team that is a bit more optimistic, less cynical, and generally a nicer person, and yet, Ray ends up in the most pain at times, losing his ability to walk, then getting turning into a cyborg from the waist down and then losing his legs again. With a character with such an intense personality, an actor like Sean Hayes (Will and Grace and The Three Stooges) would be a perfect fit.

Doctor Krieger - Bryan Cranston

Former Nazi scientist and possible clone, Krieger is known for his random comments, weird experiments and mental breakdowns when his scientific advances get stifled or stolen. Who better to fill those shoes than a man who played a crazed scientist, Bryan Cranston. Sure, Cranston already had a role in Archer as a mad astronaut but he still would do a great job as Krieger with his ability to transition from seriousness to silliness at a drop of a dime.

Woodhouse - Christopher Lloyd

The drug addict butler to Archer, you can't help but feel bad for Woodhouse who is basically used in any way, shape and form. And yet somehow with all the abuse he endures, Woodhouse remains loyal to the Archer family and has even helped on a mission or two. As for the actor, Christopher Lloyd would be a great casting choice considering he is able to come off as insane and yet trustworthy simultaneously.

Katya Kazanova - Kate Upton

Archer's cyborg of an ex-fiance and Barry's former lover, Katya is the current head of the KGB with her amazing spy skills and persuasive skills. Not to forget, she's also a cyborg which just enhances those abilities all the more. Whoever portrays Katya in real life is has to be incredibly sexy to be able to have top agents swoon on sight. Kate Upton is definitely one of those woman.

Barry Dylan - Chris Pine

Archer's arch rival for years. Barry and Archer have gone back and forth trying to one up each other in revenge for what the other has done to them. Archer's actions has made Barry into the agent of his nightmares now that Barry has been turned into a super powered cyborg by Dr. Krieger. Seeing that Barry is basically a mechanized Archer, an action star that is equally as witty and sarcastic is needed. Enter Chris Pine!

Archer has become one of my favorite animated series ever. And to see a live-action version of the show would be amazing. But do you agree with my casting choices? Or do you think you have a better pick for one/some of these characters? Create your own post or leave a comment!


Which fan casting is the most fitting?

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