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Warning for the UK!

If any of you saw the episode of Gotham that aired this week, old Ed Nygma is going further down the rabbit hole. I saw some critics thought last week the Mrs. Claus was just in a coma, but she is dead. Thus the mental break is full blown. So, what does this week's episode mean for The Riddler in Gotham season 2?

Called this!

Didn't I say that he will go full on bad guy this season? I am not writing this post just to gloat though. His mental state is getting worse though, so what could this mean could happen as the series progresses?

He could leave the G.C.P.D

Stop if you haven't seen the episode. Nygma's strong guy persona left a clue clutched in his ex-girlfriends disembodied hand. The disembodied hand was a real shocker. Three weeks in a row with the characters being paraded around who have lost their hands is a little much. I don't remember him getting that graphic in any of the other media I saw him in, except for that one time. Anyway, I would see this happening since his alternate personality left the gross clues right in the middle of the police department. It is obvious that he does not care what happens to his mild mannered alter ego, or is confident that he can reason his way out of it. If this continues it could blow up in his face, and cause him to be in a position where he has to flee for fear of getting caught.

Seriously this guy is messed up. It would be interesting to see this kind of stuff happening, but I am not sure how well it would work since at this point it is a full on split personality disorder. Watching the episode Nygma kind of reminded me more of Two Face.

His strong guy persona basically acted like the Riddler

Even I had a hard time with the clue at first. The punctuation deal that he did was clever. The devil is in the details, but I think he should be doing more traditional riddles. In season 1 the first letter of each word in the line spelled out the name of the man he had murdered.

I will look back to the Batman Forever movie. In this he just left basic riddles each gave a clue to the bigger picture. Something like this would be interesting to see happen. This would also be a good idea, since it would help to keep a running story ark.

It could become more of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Okay, so what happened was he woke up the next day after killing Ms. Kringle and he basically didn't know what had happened to the body. The guy in the mirror told him that he had to follow the clues. If any of you are families with the comics, he marked one of his crimes with a riddle for the fun of it when he was starting on his life of crime. He then continued the habit, and it got to the point where he could not commit a crime without leaving a riddle.

At this point he does not really have a choice, since his alter ego is the one pulling the strings. If the character is going to be a little more like the comics he will give into the madness. Just work with his other personality because he likes it. To me that would make sense if they keep the mentality of the character true to the comics and other media.

We could see a Villain Team Up.

I doubt this will happen, but you never know. Much like Oswald hiring a person to play him as he becomes The Joker. If he gets himself into trouble because he is leaving bodies everywhere he will need to disapear. Who has he met in the underworld that could do that?

If anyone remembers the scene the two guys didn't really like each other. But Penguin is not one to let that get in the way of business. He is in hot water right now, and Nygma could offer him a way out since he is so clever. "Hey you are doing it this way, now I can make a guy disappear without a body."

Or we could see something like Nygma coming to him to get the heat off. I am a serial killer, and they do not know about me. I can give them someone else to look at to take the heat off of you.

It is fun writing about what could happen. Anyway, what do you guys think? Given this weeks episode of Gotham what does it mean for The Riddler?


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