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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

The newest film by Steven Spielberg is about how sometimes even the most ordinary people, can become the most extraordinary when put to the most difficult of challenges. James B. Donovan (Tom Hanks) is just an everyday insurance lawyer, until the day his lawyer firm assigns him a cilent, Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), to defend in the criminal courts. The United States believes that Abel is a spy for the KGB (this is never confirmed or denied throughout the film), whether or not this is true does not concern Donovan he just wants a fair trial for his client. At the end of his trial, Abel is found guilty but Donovan argues to keep his client from being executed, stating that he might yet be useful. This prediction comes true when two Americans are held captive, one in East Berlin, and the other in the Soviet Union. Not wanting any of these countries to go to war, Donovan is recruited to unofficially solve the issue as quietly and quickly as possible. Donovan becomes more than just a lawyer in situation, he becomes the only man who can see both sides of the story and the only one who can bring forth a happy resolution. A great film, filled with the idea that even during a time when people could be at polar opposites of a situation, they can still find a way to reason with each other. Wonderful actors were picked for this film, with Tom Hanks, as usual, stealing the screen with his talent and awesome performance as a hero. This was uplifting story of compromise and understanding, which I really liked because it never portrayed anyone as a villain. Another thing that I really like about this movie was that despite how bleak some of the topics were, there was always a certain amount of humor mixed in. One other thing that set the tone of this film was the extreme dark colors during the darkest times of the film, when the film needed to be light-hearted, lighter colors were introduced into the scene. The complaint I might have with the film is how slow-paced it was, but on the other hand this was never going to be a fast-paced story. Great film, one we will probably see at the Oscars this year.


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