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I love movies! It has been my go-to for pretty much anything. Whether it be if I’m in a bad or good mood or I just need a friendly nostalgic reminder of why I loved that movie in the first place. For this post I, along with my siblings, would like to dedicate it to our beloved sister Megan, who made our love for movies more enjoyable and meaningful.

On this day in 2006, our sister left this earth, but when she left, she left behind loving memories that we all shared watching movies together as a family. Here are a number of movies that my siblings and I not only enjoyed watching with our sister but we hold dear to us.

A Knight's Tale

My brother Coy expressed that he loved watching this movie with her because he liked fighting movies and she like Heath Ledger. My family and I would always joke that she is now dating Heath Ledger in Heaven.

Cutting Edge

My brother Blair who currently is doing YouTube episodes called 2 Nerds on a Wire. Which you should check out when you get the chance by-the-way!

We both shared an interest in this movie that we liked watching with our sister. One scene in particular that I would like to share with you.

There is one part in this movie that both the man and woman in the movie are basically having a battle of the sexes with each other on and off the skating rink. It’s a great montage that shows both equally working hard on being the best at what they did in skating. One of the scenes had the guy struggling in reaching for the girl’s hand while skating, but she refused to have him hold it, making him tiptoe on the front edges of the blades on his skates and eventually land face first on the cold ice rink below. The man would then look up and see the girl just standing there saying, “Toepick!” every time he fell. Megan would always get a kick out of that!


I think my sister had a secret crush on David Bowie… or at least his voice in the song Magic Dance. Before there were iPods or even iPhones for that matter, my sister used an old cassette player and pressed the speakers to the speakers of the television and recorded the music so that she could have good mood music playing while she was either running or doing Tae Bo exercises.

“You remind me of the babe

What babe? babe with the power

What power? power of voodoo

Who do? you do

Do what? remind me of the babe.”

Meet Joe Black

My brother Kett loved watching this movie with Megan. He said, “Whenever I watched it with Megan, she would freak out at Brad Pitt and that one girl [in the movie], because they never ran back to get each other's numbers or names…”.

The Fugitive

Great film and great film score! I remember watching it with her as a kid and there was one scene that stood out to me that I found comical because of her sharing a joke with me and the older siblings. It was the scene where Harrison Ford’s character is having a dream sequence of his wife’s death. In the dream you hear Ford’s voice echoing in the background, “You find that man!” until it faded into nothing. The reason this part was so funny to me was because Megan repeated the line, like an echo, and it was something like this:

Megan: “You find that man!... Find that man!... That man!... Man!”

The other scene that my sister Arianne and I thought was funny, was when Tommy Lee Jones’ character is confronting Ford at the dam and Ford decides to jump into the river below. I remember Megan quoting Jones in this bit.

“The guy did a Peter Pan right off of this dam, right here!”


“Yeah! Boom!”

I guess you had to be there to experience it, but it was both hilarious and memorable!

Romeo + Juliet

My sister was a romantic type. So obviously Romeo + Juliet would be her favorite chick flick to watch. She loved the soundtrack in the film and even loved one of her favorite Shakespeare plays adapted to fit in with the ‘90s. I remember her favorite scene was when Romeo and Juliet first locked eyes with each other and wouldn’t look away. The music in the background was icing on the cake for Megan!

Another Shakespeare movie adaption has got to be Much Ado About Nothing. My sister Megan loved the scene that had Signor Benedict tricked into loving Beatrice. It is also one of my favorite scenes in the film!

Beauty and the Beast

My sister sang in the choir when she was young and one of the songs that she was singing was Little Town, basically Belle’s intro in the movie. Till this day I can still imagine her standing in front of a live audience singing from her heart and even touching the hearts of the people listening.

The Princess Bride

This is a give in. Not only is this one of the most quotable movie in my family, but my sister named her first son after the hero in the story! “As you wish!”

Pure Luck

My brother Joel enjoyed watching this movie with Megan, mostly due to Martin Short’s character getting a straw to the nose as starter for his bad luck!

My other sister Molly would always watch movies at my sister’s house on the weekends while watching her kids in Chattanooga. She specifically loved watching Drumline, Serendipity and Finding Nemo.

Molly said, “She really liked John Cusack and Kate Beckingsale. ...Wesley loved finding Nemo. He loved the music (Thomas Newman) she really liked African American movies, so she loved Drumline.” Molly went on by saying, “I think she would have loved the new Pride and Prejudice for the story and music. I remember watching Sense and Sensibility with her many times. She really liked Hugh Grant.”

While You Were Sleeping

All of my siblings love this movie! Our favorite part was the dinner scene where everybody is having their own arguments on famous people and even cooking techniques.

“These Mashed potatoes are so creamy.”

“Mary mashed them.”

By closing this post, I would like to share two of my most favorite movies that remind me of my loving sister Megan. I really enjoyed Gladiator, mostly because of the soundtrack helping tell the story up until the very end of Maximous’ death. In fact the ending is my favorite part. After he dies, he is then welcomed by beautiful music with melodious voices singing in a different tongue that I wish I could understand. But before the movie ends with that, score Crowe’s friend tells him that he will see him again… “But not yet… not yet.” It gives me hope knowing that I will see my sister again… but not yet… not yet!

I seriously hope this song plays for when it is my turn to leave this earth and see her again.

The other movie is What Dreams May Come. I love this one because to me it gives a little taste of what I believe Heaven will look like for all of us! I can picture Megan’s Heaven to be as beautiful as a painted portrait.

If you have any movies that you enjoy watching because it reminds you of a loved one, please comment below!


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