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I was so excited to see this, one of the reasons is because it has the beautiful Lorenza Izzo in it, who plays Genesis another reason is because it has Keanu Reeves in it, he is known to be a bit of a D-grade actor in his movies, with the exception of a few, but after I saw this movie I've moved him right into

Knock Knock is the first thriller that director Eli Roth has done and the plot is actually pretty good. If you are able to follow it.
This movie had so much potential but unfortunately it didn't live up to the expectations it had.
If you were hoping for this movie to be like Eli Roth's other movies in regards to the blood and gore, unfortunately you will be disappointed. Knock Knock is a thriller that has psychological violence. It keeps getting confused as a horror movie but it isn't. It also isn't a sit-on-the-edge of your seat thriller.
Personally I think he should have added blood and gore just to add to the psychological violence.
Apparently Knock Knock was just supposed to be a bit of fun but for me, it was more annoying than anything. The acting makes it funny, not the jokes. A lot of people are saying that if you saw the 2 minute trailer, you have seen the movie. I agree with this but i also disagree. There are a few bits and pieces of the movie that aren't in the trailer, for example the actual ending. But the trailer does sum the rest of it up pretty well.

It's thought that Knock Knock had been based off of Death Game (1977), with one of the main actresses Colleen Camp making a cameo appearance as Vivian a physiotherapist. Some people are saying that it feels more like Funny Games (1997). But I suppose it just depends on your opinion.

I would have liked a little more foreshadowing for Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana De Armas), it doesn't really explain very well why they are the way they are or why they are doing what they are doing. But they do a really good job at making you hate them, by acting very childish and so psychotic. You just love to hate these characters.
The girls are predatory, they stalk their prey, learn their strengths and weaknesses before they pounce.

The acting in this movie does feel a bit forced and over the top at times. For example when Keanu Reeves is being a family man. I love Keanu but I don't think he was the best choice for this movie. The acting makes this movie feel unrealistic so thats where it looses it's thrill.
They expect us to believe that all men, no matter how much they love their families, will cheat if they are given the chance.
This movie doesn't use basic human logic. I mean who out there would let 2 strangers into their house and leave them with all of your things while you get them robes so you can dry their clothes?
I wouldn't even let them in my house to begin with. Especially not if i was alone.
For me this movie was a bit of a flop.


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