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1. We Wouldn't Have Dumbledore Without Her.

As we all know, Dumbledore is the man who looks like Gandalf, am I right? No? Okay fine. Well, without Richard Harris's granddaughter, he wouldn't play the part of Albus Dumbledore. Why? Because Richard's granddaughter threatened to never speak to him ever again. Thank you granddaughter of Richard Harris!

2. Tom Felton's robe.

Tom Felton, or known as Draco Malfoy, had his robe sewn shut. Why? To stop him from sneaking food on set. Now we know, Draco likes to sneak food on set! I mean-- why not? Shout to all people who sneak food when they're not supposed to!

3. Ship sinking!

Well, J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, regrets the relationship between Hermione and Ron. Now we know, HERMIONE AND HARRY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE!! My dreams have come true. Sorry to those who actually liked Hermione and Ron together.

4. Bad news Ron.

More about Ron, J.K Rowling has considered killing Ron! For some reason, half of me hates that and another half loves it. Well, we know that J.K has some kind of hatred towards Ron! But, main characters don't die! Beat that Rowling!

5. Money for J.K

As we all know, Rowling is rich because of her books. But this rumor, is unbelievably added to the list! Why? Because I want, I am the author not you. The rumor says, "J.K Rowling makes about 8$ a second." Well, I'm gonna go and make money with J.K Rowling!

6. Dumbledore is a what?!

As J.K Rowling said.. Dumbledore is gay. Well, that shattered 1.9% of my respect for Dumbledore.. Well, I guess that makes sense in one of the Harry Potter: Puppet Pals episodes, Dumbledore (the puppet), admitted he was a gay android. The android doesn't make sense, but the gay does.

7. Dumbledore's name

J.K Rowling gave the name Dumbledore to the character because it means "Bumblebee" and that she pictured him to be walking around, humming to himself. Well, from know on, when I see a bumblebee, I'll be shouting, "A DUMBLEDORE!! A DUMBLEDORE!!"

8. Least successful? I think NOT!

The least successful movie in the Harry Potter series, got $90 Million more than the most successful Twilight movie. Well, we all know that Ron and Hermione had a better love story than Twilight. We now know a wizard movie is better than a love story.

9. For all those who live in Britain!

J.K said there are about 3000 wizards in Britain. I need to go to Britain and ask some of them to take me to Hogwarts! I will meet Harry!!!! Everyone, get a ticket to Britain!!!

10. More about relatives to make them join!

Emma Thompson accepted the role of Professor Trelawney only to impress her 4-year-old daughter. Like Richard Harris, Emma Thompson only joined the cast because of a relative, specifically, her daughter. Next time you know it, Harry only joined because of his crush.

Thank you for reading these facts about Harry Potter! Sorry if you know about some, but hey, I tried my best! See you next time!


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