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Starting in the year 1993 we were introduced to the world of government conspiracy, cover-up and intrigue. UFOs, paranormal happenings and the g-men in suits. We join FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder on his search for the truth. Along the way we get exposed to many strange happenings based in the paranormal that may or may not have been truth.

Special Agent Dana Scully joins Mulder as the voice of logical reason. Through the seasons we get a believer and a skeptics point of view. We get exposure to many things based in legends, myth, and theory. Intertwined in the midst of this is a government cover-up and conspiracy of epic proportions that Mulder and Skully get dragged in to the middle of it, leading to some amazing episodes and story arcs.

Over all the X-files was a progressive mystery driven series that led us all on a long journey into the very things we fear. Brought together with an amazing supporting cast that includes the Lone gunmen, The Smoking man, Agent Skinner and various others. The adventures lead all across the country showing that this could be your back yard.

Shot decently well, with a good production value, the actors and actresses bring the characters in this series to life. Over all the series was a ground breaking show that has shown us all what great TV can be. It spawned a couple movies that performed well and tie in well with the story.

The total 9.5 stars is only because of the extra seasons with Agent Dogget, added in place of Mulder, didn't quite bring the magic of the earlier seasons.


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