ByDuncan Widmann, writer at
Do you think insulting your readers is really the best way to get drive home your argument? You need to go read the wikipedia article on "confirmation bias". It's how conspiracy theories start. You started from a premise that you so desperately want to be true- That Ben Affleck playing Batman is a practical joke, and Christian Bale will return to play Batman- and from there you proceeded to cherry-pick "evidence" that supports your view while refusing to acknowledge anything that contradicts your "argument." I already know this will be like arguing against a wall, but your insult has stirred me to action, so I do want to point out a few last things to you: 1. I could apply the same logic you've used here and write a substantively identical article arguing that Ben Affleck is secretly playing Dick Grayson, Harvey Dent, Clayface, or the freaking Bat Mite. Not one single thing points to Slade Wilson. Hell, maybe Ben Affleck is playing a time traveling Abe Lincoln. After all, they both have beards. 2. Even IF Christian Bale would take the money and come back to play Batman, Christopher Nolan would never return to his trilogy, because it was just that: a trilogy with a beginning, middle, and end to that character's story. Shoe-horning Nolan's Batman into the DC Cinematic Universe would undermine the creative integrity of Nolan's trilogy. Warner certainly has the legal right to go there, but Nolan would never be on board. 3. What you have dreamt up would be a TERRIBLE movie. Just catastrophically bad. 4. For this plot twist to work, no character other than Alfred can interact with Ben Affleck for the vast majority of the movie or they'd have to awkwardly avoid saying his name. So I want to know, WHAT WILL YOU DO if 15 minutes into the movie someone refers to Ben Affleck's character as "Bruce?" Will you post an apology here? Will you pay me $5? Or will you just slink off to the shadows and start scribbling a new passion project lunatic diagram explaining how the Transformers movies secretly take place in the same universe as Hannah Montana and that the NSA has rigged your toaster to kill you.

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