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For the past 9 years, I have been in a long distance relationship. We live 350 miles away from each other, so seeing each other can be difficult. We talk everyday, sometimes more than others. But we talk, near to the full day sometimes.

Even if we don't have much to sau, we keep Skype or the phone on, while we do our own things. This, helps us feel like we are in the same room, while not actually conversing much. We also play games together, either online, or console co-op, it's something we can have fun doing, and talk about after. Other things we do, are watching shows together on netflix, or other websites. We spend a majority of our time talking, or at least hearing each other, as if we are in the same room.

As for seeing each other, we take pictures of ourselves and send them to one another, or use Skype video/webcam. It's not the same as one-on-one contact sure, but ithe helps a lot. There's also role-playing, which can help you imagine being closers than you actually are, which helps a lot too. Even sending a physical picture they can look at every day, and vise versa. Things like this are vital for us in our relationship, and have helped very much. We have our issues, but we also have our good times. We do have to come to agrrements sometimes to get through things, but we get through everything together. But, we help each other with our problems, give each other advice, and tell the other how our days went. We do all we can, to help the other feel like we are in each other's company, even though we are not. Even though truthfully, we don't actually know when we will be able to live together or even, near each other. All of this, helps us keep a healthy relationship.


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