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Star Wars and Star Trek are two classic science fiction franchises which have been in competition for decades. They each have a devoted army of fans and over the years both franchises have had hit television series' and movies.

However, both Star Trek and Star Wars were in the spotlight at this year's Country Music Awards, hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. The CMA's opened with a Star Wars sketch about a cancelled Star Wars sketch, featuring Princess Carrie Fisher, who is seeking out her elusive co-host, Guitar Solo.

As an avid Star Wars fan, I have to admit the sketch is pretty cheesy, but they seem to be enjoying themselves as they run through the opening sketch, and even include a reference to the recent Star Wars "controversy" with a black Stormtrooper.

The sketch ends as the protagonists walk on stage, at which point 'Guitar Solo' trades his blaster for a hat and guitar. They then go to "host the Sith out of this show."

Towards the end of the show, the pair are joined on stage by a mysterious Stormtrooper...

I'm sure you've figured this out already, but of course the Stormtrooper turned out to be none other than Star Trek's William Shatner, who is revealed as Brad Paisley is discussing his favorite science fiction franchise... Star Wars.

"... Next to Star Trek."

After a brief attempt at singing, Shatner then leaves on the announcement that he's boldly going to the gift lounge, and "may the Force be with you all."

Watch the video below!



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