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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Fair warning: This is a reasonably drawn out he-said-she-said-nobody-ever-said kinda thing, but bear with me as I try to string the salient facts together...

OK! Magazine supposedly reported a source claiming that Miley Cyrus was "obsessed" with Kristen Stewart, stating:

"[Miley is] crushing so hard... [she's] on a mission to date her."

This must have been in the print version of the magazine as I can't find the article in question online. Still, Gossip Cop has strongly refuted the Miley "mission to date" story, bringing their own "exclusive source" into the mix. Their "very reliable sources" say that Miley's K-Stew "obsession" is... wait for it...


Gossip Cop deduces that Miley's supposed 'mission to date' Kristen Stewart stems from one cute, flirty little compliment Miley gave K-Stew on Instagram three months ago.

The two girls obviously have affection for each other, but a sweet remark like this is certainly not grounds for any relationship theories! Kristen Stewart responded to Miley's compliment in good humor during this interview with MTV, saying:

"I feel so accomplished. I feel closer to her."

The next theory that a few gossip mags are going on is Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus' joint love of the green stuff: Kristen was spotted in some ganja leaf socks and added in the above interview:

"I can roll a really good joint. I genuinely did learn that when I was very young on a movie set."

Wow. They've both mentioned weed before? *Begin Sarcasm* They must be perfect for each other! *End Sarcasm*

Really, who cares? If Miley wants to date Kristen Stewart, that's not weird; Kristen's smart, talented and gorgeous. They'd be a super cute couple IMHO, but let's leave it to people to announce their dating news themselves rather than wildly speculate, huh?


Would Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus be a cute couple?

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