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It's been suggested that people choose their favorite presidential candidates based on familiarity. Faces that are splashed across the media on a regular basis are far likelier to have a solid following purely thanks people actually knowing who they are, without having to put much effort in.

Obviously, there are far more candidates in the running than Clinton and Trump, and to reiterate that, College Humor has stepped up to the plate. They have very kindly gifted us some candidate comparisons that are perhaps more relatable and accessible than the current offerings...Thanks, guys!

1. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is fairest of them all?

2. It's clear from vacant expressions, the lights are not all on upstairs. But we're talking kings and successions, even *you* can't be caught unawares!

3. Trust in me, just in me. Shut your eyes and trust in me.

4. The time has come, Gypsy. You stand upon the brink of the abyss. Yet even now it is not too late. I can save you from the flames of this world, and the next. Choose me, or the fire.

5. Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady. Oh look, you're here too.

6. Guys, get your titanic rears in gear and kick some Olympian butt!

7. Now I call on my Army of the Dead; the Cauldron-born! Arise, my messengers of death! Our time has arrived!

8. It's the gold! They have it and they don't want us to take it from them. Well, I'll just have to take it by force then, won't I?

9. Bah! In my day, we had fantastical feasts when I lived in the palace. And now, look at me -- wasted away to practically nothing -- banished, and exiled, and practically starving, while he and his flimsy fish-folk celebrate.

But the real question on everyone's lips is...

Source: College Humor


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