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The story of Bobbi Kristina Brown's tragic untimely death has just got even more sad as it has been revealed that the person caring for her in the hospice during her final months wasn't actually a qualified medical professional.

The Associated Press reports that a woman who reportedly cared for Bobbi Kristina Brown in the hospice that she died in was arrested for pretending to be a nurse. She faces charges including identity fraud and nursing without a license.

According the police report, Sobamowo was in charge of Bobbi Kristina's care at the Peachtree Christian Hospice, but there are no details on whether the late daughter of Whitney Houston's care was impeded by the face that her nurse had no formal qualifications.

Taiwo Sobamowo
Taiwo Sobamowo

The case against Sobamowo started in September when investigators got a tip and investigations revealed she had stolen a state-issued RN number of a real nurse from a hospital in Atlanta. They were also unable to find a record of Sobamowo at the Georgia Board of Nursing and they were unable to confirm that she went to the medical college in DC that she claimed she studied at.

Sobamowo's former employee issued the following statement after her crimes were discovered:

"We had no reason to believe that she was anything other than a good nurse with proper credentials. As soon as the credentialing discrepancy was discovered by one of our employees, we immediately took action and notified the appropriate authorities.”

This also raises some questions about the tasteless leaked photos of a comatose Brown in the hospice that were leaked to the press. While the tasteless leak was initially pinned on a family member, it could very well have been Sobamowo.

Whatever the implications of Sobamowo's employment were, I think we can all agree that the biggest tragedy is that Bobbi Kristina Brown probably didn't receive proper care in the final days of her short life.

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