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There are so many terrible films out there, and for some odd reason the horror genre seems like the easiest way to accumulate them the most. Just scroll through Netflix and you will find you need to check out at least three before finally finding a somewhat decent movie.

Peter Herro's WTF! appears to be one such film, as I found myself thinking "WTF?" just based off the poster itself. Herro co-wrote the script with Christopher Centanni and Adam Buchalter, and the film stars Callie Ott (The Horror), Sarah Agor (Hatchet II, VH1’s Scream Queens), Andrea Hunt, Ben Norris, Johnny James Fiore, Nick Reilly, and Adam Foster.

WTF! follows Rachel, a girl who had barely survived a brutal attack that had killed her friends. Even though time has passed, she fears that history will repeat itself.

Her close friends have invited her to spend spring break in a cabin in the woods, but little does she know she is walking into the same situation that has happened before.

WTF! is set to be released on December 1st of this year. Between the bad acting and the terrible gore, I feel like this is something I might be down to put on in the background while drunk in my apartment.

[Source: Horror-Movies.CA, WTF!]


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