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(Warning - the following contains potential SPOILERS for future episodes of Arrow, as well as for the most recent one if you haven't yet seen it. Proceed with caution, and all that...)

Now, if you've already seen the most recent episode of Arrow, then there's a pretty good chance you're still massively overexcited about that extended cameo, from a certain John 'Hellblazer' Constantine (and if not, feel free to go and watch it now - we'll wait). What's more, with Matt Ryan reprising his role from NBC's sadly cancelled Constantine, the episode gave fans of that series a hint of just how awesome life would have been had the CW somehow picked it up for a transferred second season.

The big question, then?

Will We Be Seeing Constantine Again?

Well, sadly, from the sounds of Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim's latest interview with Deadline, we might well not - at least in the near future. Asked straight out whether we'll be seeing John return in Arrow, Guggenheim responded pretty darned emphatically:

"There’s no plans. This was always designed to be a one off."

Or, in other words, those dreams we were all indulging in of Constantine joining the show full-time? They seem to have been well and truly dashed - despite that tattoo John gave Oliver seeming set to play a major part later on this season.

That being said, though...

Guggenheim Technically Only Said There Are No Plans for Constantine to Appear in 'Arrow'

Meaning that, if we're willing to gently ignore the apparent intention of his statement, there's still the possibility of Ryan returning as the hero in one of the CW's other shows.

Now, The Flash might seem a little too broad in tone for Constantine to fit in easily - but the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow? That looks set to be gloriously out-there enough to incorporate more or less any cameo the shows creative team felt inclined to throw at it.

Whether that's simply false hope or not, though, remains to be seen...

What do you reckon, though?



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