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The Avengers might be one of the most badass superhero teams imaginable, but some new mythological team member would never go amiss and this awesome artist has imagined what would happen if the Marvel massive were given the chance to shout "I choose you!"

Tina Wang (a.k.a Feriowind) has taken the time to make some wonderfully whimsical illustrations of these two epic worlds colliding and the results are surprisingly adorable. Check out her work below:

Iron Man/Tony Stark

Being a man of good taste, Tony Stark obviously chose the impeccable Ninetales as a member of his pack.


No wonder Thor is always giving me the electric feel with all these buzzing Pokémon!

Hulk/Bruce Banner

Hulk cradling Jigglypuff is giving me all of the feels.

Captain America/Steve Rogers

The loyalty of Arcanine makes him a perfect match for Captain America.

Black Widow/Natalia Romanova

The sting from Black Widows team would be anything but sweet.

Hawkeye/Clinton Barton

Hawkeye used Aerial Ace!

Agent Coulson

A Pokémon companion with hands is essential for Agent Coulson's line of work.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury might not have perfect sight, but the second sight of his psychic team more than makes up for that.

(Source: 9Gag via FerioWind)


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