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The Kingdom Hearts community has been pretty distraught over the last few days, at least that's the indication that we're getting from reddit. Currently, the D23 Expo is attracting a lot of attention, as Disney fans throughout the world are celebrating the works of this massive company. But Kingdom Hearts fans were expecting a lot more than they got.

In interviews with Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation a few months ago, Tetsuya Nomura referenced, as Gematus summarized "A landing point for the release window, is promised for the D23 Expo Japan Kingdom Hearts fan event on November 3." A trailer was to accompany this announcement, but alas, we've seen nothing of the sort.

Kingdom Hearts 3 News From D23 - Release Date or New Trailer?

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

So here we are, November 5th, and all we've received are some new screenshots from the various Kingdom Hearts titles that'll be coming out over the next few years. There's no release date, no trailer, and everyone is looking for someone to blame. Game publications are handing out their apologies too:

Unfortunately, there was no actual source for the supposed confirmation of when these trailers will be released. We apologize for the misunderstanding. - Gematsu

Square Enix have certainly got something prepared to show the public though, but the reasoning behind their concealing of this information is unknown.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

The presence of a trailer was something that a lot of fans were expecting. There was even an exact time when the video was said to be uploaded online. The time came and went, and obviously a lot of fans are disappointed after being hyped up for something that never came to be. But allegedly, Square Enix have a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, they're simply deliberating when to unveil it. How

Kingdom Hearts Music Heals All Wounds!

D23 is still running for a few more days, and some think the trailer will be released during that time. But of course, be prepared for disappointment. So in the mean time, in order to pull yourself out of this newsless rut, let's add some beautiful Kingdom Hearts music to your day. It may not be the real Kingdom Hearts 3 menu, but it's still beautiful!

Let us know how you feel about this shoddy Kingdom Hearts 3 kerfuffle in the comments below, gamers! And stay strong for that eventual release date announcement and beautiful new trailer. We'll stick it into the article when we see it!


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