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Sadly, nothing new today. Nothing new in Lion Guard or Simba's Pride news. The only Lion King news is various stage show performances (Which Kiara is shown at the end of.) I should be getting my Return of The Roar book by Monday or Tuesday. Other people have discussed the book, but I will discuss it focusing on the Simba's Pride aspects, mainly Kiara's portrayal.

Picture of the Day

This may be similar to another picture we used, but the time of day is different and Simba is facing Kiara. I bet he's saying, "Look Kiara. Everything the light touches is our kingdom." Depending on if Kiara wants to be queen of not her response would probably either be, "And one day this'll all be mine?" or "....Daddy...I'm not sure if I wanna rule." which would probably be followed by Simba telling her it's her place in The Circle of Life.

Things to Ponder

"Is The Lion Guard Canon?"

The Lion King's canon is a fickle thing. The cub at the end of The Lion King is confirmed by Disney to be Kiara, and thus she has two different designs and presentations.

The second film also introduces a group of lionesses loyal to Scar, their sinister, vengeful leader, two cubs who are possibly his, and his heir.

Despite these inconsistencies, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride is a great film! And it's still considered part of The Lion King's universe. So despite inconsistencies, like Kiara still being a cub and the hyenas living in a place called The Outlands, The Lion Guard is probably still canon. The purpose of the show is to introduce a new generation to The Lion King, so that might also add to the possibility it being canon.

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