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Harley Quinn fever is breaking the internet and with the upcoming live action Suicide Squad movie approaching in 2016, here's a list of women who rock the socks off that lovable character in every variation!

Classic Harley Quinn comic and animated

The original costume, you know the one, the classic jesters suit, her first appearance was in 1992 "The Jokers Favor," where she debuted as the cute and bubbly side kick to The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. The original creation was by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, and she was meant to be just a one-shot character but the fans immediately fell in love with her. Here's a few ladies who bring her to life as the ultimate classic Quinn!

Cosplayer: Lady ha-ha photographer: York in a box
Cosplayer: Harley'sasylum
Cosplayer: Enasniv
Cosplayer: Danielle_ Pierson
lil_miss_harley_quinn_ as classic Harley

Game variant Harley Quinn

Along with the comic franchise, a whole new world opened up with the gaming universe giving Harley a new make-over, a new attitude and a new "uniform", bringing a fresh attempt of the classic crazy we all fell in love with. Here's some wonderful people showing that exact side to her..

lady valentine Cosplay as Arkham Asylum Harley
Photographer: York in a box
Photographer: York in a box
itty bitty geek as Arkham city Harley
Jessica Nigri as Arkham knight Harley
Kay Victoria as insurgency Harley Quinn
Destiny Nickelsen as Injustice Harley
Reign Cosplay as infinite crisis slumber party Harley

New 52 and variant Harley Quinn

As you can see, the dramatic change brought a new audience to the beloved character who made her debut in the 90's, but it didn't end there, the Harley Quinn nation was building, people had to be her, buy her memorabilia and have her in their lives. Even artists were bitten by Harley fever and as the comic conventions were growing, and so were the type of Harley Quinn variants. When DC launched the New 52 and Harley had her own solo series, the geek world was slowly taken over by that beloved bubbly blonde who had undergone another extreme transformation.

Lady Noctis as DC bombshells Harley photographer: kitty kems
Florencia Sofen as Suicide Squad Harley (comic version)
Carleyquinn as New 52 Harley Quinn
Harley Quinnsane as roller derby Harley

DC live action and animated movie Harley Quinn

Now, with the eagerly anticipated Suicide Squad movie approaching, here's a few more ladies who are the perfect embodiment of live action Harley from the most recent Assault On Arkham animated feature film, to the new Suicide Squad. It's clear to see Harley Quinn fever is contagious and catching, there's no better thing to see than people embracing her fandom, from the classic Quinn to the more modern lovable rogue. She's becoming a firm favorite in many people's hearts and I personally cannot wait to see what's next for Ms Quinn.

Purplemuffinz as Assault on Arkham Harley
Andy Rae Cosplay as Suicide Squad Movie Harley Quinn

I can honestly say each of these ladies are brilliant at making the character come to life, it was hard choosing who to put on this blog as because of the popularity of so MANY fabulous Harley Quinn cosplayers, doing various impressions of her! Each of these ladies have Instagram and Facebook pages if you want to check our their talents some more! Harley Quinn is always the first favorite of mine, and it's amazing to see so many share my passion for a fictional character!

What are your favorite Harley Quinn cosplays?
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