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Time Warner will be going through the content licensing of its items in order to bring more viewers on its network only.

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant which has taken over the entertainment world in a short span of time. The company offers unlimited entertainment offerings to its viewers. It has expanded its global footprints in more than 80 countries now where its platform has nearly 70 million users subscribed to its services. It is known that in whatever country Netflix introduced itself, it imposed great threats on the established local and international cable TV and internet TV companies.

It has been an ongoing rivalry ever since the inception of Netflix where its mission is to cut the cords. The company also came with an objective to become HBO before HBO can transform into Netflix. The company can safely say that it is on the right track to achieve its objective. However, the cable TV providers as well as TV programmers are not happy as their businesses are at stake. The internet TV companies are not that much concerned because mostly people have more than one subscription at a time.

Recent reports suggest that Time Warner is now all set to pullback the great Netflix. Many analysts and professionals were saying that TV cable companies as well as TV programmers should devise a strategy to take on the online TV world before it is too late. The companies are now set to reconsider their strategies of ‘selling their reruns’ to internet TV companies such as Netflix. The streaming service provider has been warned by Time Warner that it will be heading towards that direction.

The Chief Executive Officer of Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes, said in the company’s earnings call “We are evaluating whether to retain our rights for a longer period of time and forego or delay certain content licensing. This would effectively push the [subscription video] window for content on our networks to a multiyear period more consistent with traditional syndication.”

Time Warner has made it clear that it will be going through content licensing in order to make things harder for Netflix. Furthermore, company owned content will be difficult to find on these platforms. Time Warner wants to bolster its business hence it would like the viewers to watch its stuff on their network and platform only rather than going to Netflix or Amazon for the same content.

Time Warner is not expected to make changes and make things happen right away. All of this will take time however Netflix must take appropriate actions if this happens in the near future.


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