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We've still got a while until these movies are released, but composer Alan Menken and director John Musker have already started talking up the films, and revealing some small but key details about the movie. Crucially, it seems that both movies will be musicals! Moana, of course, will feature all new music, which will reportedly draw from Polynesian folk songs. And surprisingly enough, the live action Beauty and the Beast movie will also feature some original musical numbers!

Beautiful New Songs!

Beauty And The Beast is not only an animated classic film, but also a long running Broadway musical. Thanks to the popularity of the show, many fans were hoping that some of the tunes would be included in the new live action film, but unfortunately it seems as though that won't be the case, as Alan Menken reveals...

"The songs from the movie are in. Actually, none of the songs from the Broadway made the film. I would’ve taken “If I Can’t Love Her,” but the problem is that was for a very specific moment to end Act I of the Broadway show."
The Beauty & The Beast musical
The Beauty & The Beast musical

But never fear fans: to pack out the longer run time and give viewers something new to look forward to, Menken has written some all new songs for the live action movie!

"[I wrote] a new song with Tim Rice. There’s actually three new songs written for the movie. It’s called Forever More, and there’s also a song called Days in the Sun."

The live action movie also seems to take elements from The Enchanted Christmas, a sort-of sequel to the original animated movie that took place within the timeline of the original film. How do we know this? Well, thanks to this Instagram post from Josh Gad!

It makes sense for the live action movie to pull plot elements from The Enchanted Christmas, though it's likely we won't see the random organ villain Forte (though how awesome would it be to have Tim Curry voice this role again?). We do have Stanley Tucci in the new role of Cadenza, a grand piano who might just follow on from Forte in some way... but only time will tell on that one.

Aside from casting, this is pretty much all we know so far about the upcoming film, but it seems set to be a spectacular musical movie!

Moana's Musical Adventure

The score for Moana will no doubt be fantastic, with the songs written by South Pacific band Te Vaka. This isn't the first time Disney have used local talent to create the music for their films: Lilo and Stitch featured songs by Hawaiian artists, and were performed by the Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus.

Te Vaka will be working with Broadway musicians too, to create a fusion of genres that will fit Moana perfectly.

"It’s our first CG feature. All the other ones we’ve done were hand drawn. This one’s CG. And it’s a musical. There’s a musician Opetaia Foa’i who’s got a band called Te Vaca. He’s doing the music with Lin-Manual Miranda, who’s done Hamilton here on Broadway. It’s been exciting."

As Moana's voice actress Auli'i Cravalho was discovered in a charity singing competition, it's a fair bet that the songs will play a large role in the film, which was described by Musker as "sort of a coming-of-age story set 2,000 years ago in the South Pacific." All we know of the film so far is that Moana will team up with the demigod Mau'i (Dwayne Johnson) as she journeys to prove herself as a master wayfinder, and fulfill her ancestors' quest of discovery.

Both Beauty And The Beast and Moana seem set to wow fans, and the music will surely play a large part in the success of both films.


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