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Aquaman has had a complicated relationship with the public, and even comic readers, ever since his first creation. Slated as useless, stupid, and lame, it hasn't been easy for him to try and establish himself as a genuinely interesting and worthwhile pillar of the DC universe. What with Super Friends openly mocking him next to all of the other superheroes, all the skits, memes and jokes, it's often been hard to see him as anything other than pointless.

But all of that changed back in 2011, when writer Geoff Johns, artist Ivan Reis and inker Joe Prado (creators of the incredible Blackest Night) took it upon themselves to make the King of Atlantis relevant with the dawn of the New 52, a universe-wide reboot for all of DC. What they crafted was not only an incredibly witty, beautifully rendered and wildly imaginative new series, but also one of the best comic storylines of recent memory. The Throne of Atlantis crossover with the Justice League was so good that merely a couple of years after release an animated feature film was made by the team over at Warner Bros.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and the powerhouse trio moved on to other projects, having successfully shown what an incredible character Arthur Curry (Aquaman) is. Since their departure, the run on the character has fluctuated between superficial fun and plain boring. With everything being created simply paling in comparison to what came before. Recently however, some good news came our way with regards to the future of Aquaman...

Geoff, Ivan and Joe are coming back!!!

That's right, after what feels like a lifetime (but was only about two years), this talented triumvirate will pick up the Aquaman series in order to continue the threads they started back when they were last working on the series. This is great news for Aquaman fans, as some of what Johns set up back when he was last writing on Aquaman never really hit full swing, but now it looks like we'll be seeing something truly epic spinning out of what was teased, especially if that talk of the rise of the seven seas is anything to go by. Which, you know, it is.

Wrapping Up...

So thanks for reading guys, are you as excited as me about the future of Aquaman comics? I'd be pretty surprised if you are, but maybe you are, how can I know? Whatever you're thinking, let us know below and until next time, enjoy your life!


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