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Eduardo Lopez

Dragon Ball Z is without a doubt, one of the most popular manga and anime series of all time! With millions of fans throughout the world, and a new anime series airing in Japan, this franchise has no signs of slowing down. However, all is not well in the realm of DBZ, particularly in the video game department. Game developers have not been able to successfully release a video game worthy of the Giant that is DBZ. What about the Budokai, Tenkaichi or even Xenoverse games, many of you might be thinking? Although those games might be OK at best, we as a DBZ fan community deserve something fresh and exciting. We need a definitive Dragon Ball Z game that will not only be fantastic but will have lasting power.

The answer to this problem is a simple one. In order to make a successful DBZ game, we need to learn from other games, and expand upon that knowledge. The Solution is a game called Dragonball Z: Super Budokai, which takes it's name from the earlier Budokai series. The game would be an explosive 2d fighting game with 3d characters models. Super Budokai would become the definitive DBZ game if developers follow these simple steps.

1. The Look

In order to capture the look of the anime, developers should take a look at the game Guilty Gear Xrd, which came out for the PS4. That game has beautiful character models, and animation, which work perfectly in a 2d fighting game. DBZ characters would shine with all their glory, if they were to get the same treatment as Guilty gear characters.

2. Roster

Many Dragonball Z games tend to repeat the problem of having way too many characters in their game. The problem with a overblown roster, is that gameplay tends to suffer. When you have 50 plus characters, developers tend to take the easy way out, and copy characters and move sets. The result, the game’s quality is lowered when too much shallow content is added. In order to avoid this problem, the game will need to have a modest character roster of 30 characters. Each character will be unique, with its own combos, special moves, gameplay style, and of course finishing moves. Another nice addition to the game that would make it a fan favorite, would be the inclusion of characters from the new DBZ movie Resurrection F. Golden Freiza, Jaco, Beerus, and the new forms of Goku and Vegeta would be all be playable.

3. Gameplay

The key to any successful video game is the gameplay. It must be fun, exciting, deep, and most importantly- not become repetitive. In order to do this, the developers need only learn from other fighting games around them. Three games to which I suggest would be Guilty Gear, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Mortal Kombat X. Super Budokai could learn from all the flashy, and over the top special moves that you would find in Marvel vs. Capcom. Guilty Gear would provide an excellent template for well balanced and awesome fighting, that a new DBZ would desperately need. Lastly, Mortal Kombat X would help this DBZ game develop simple yet deep fighting controls that any New-comer or gaming expert could master.


In conclusion, if this game is made with the care and dedication from its developers like street fighter and mortal kombat, Super Budokai will be the definitive Dragonball Z game of all time. DBZ fans will finally have a game to play for hours on end and feel confident recommending it to non fans.


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