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War never changes! Nor does Bethesda's ability to amaze me! After a week of footage leaks across the internet, Bethesda have hit back in some style with the release of their biggest, most explosive look into the world of Fallout 4 to date. Fighting fire with fire it would seem.

Bethesda's launch trailer holds within it many a clue of what life will be like in the wasteland. We get an extended look into some of the weapons, characters, and locations are likely to come across.

For those of you that want to play Fallout 4 completely blind, exercise extreme caution whilst watching, as this video also showcases a fair few snippets from the story.

We see 111 interacting with a few nefarious characters. Including one particular personality that may be the game's main antagonists. Or is everything not quite as it seems?

The plot? Saving humanity of course.

Set in a sparse and barren land following a nuclear war that has left you, the sole survivor of refuge Vault 111. It's a journey of survival and companionship - we see a man/woman and their dog wandering through scorched remains of where they used to live. A world unrecognisable in both landscape and community.

The trailer reveals not only the human threat but the dangers that come from the wildlife. There will be many a gigantic beast willing to take a bite out of you, so forestry exploration should only be conducted with the correct amount of ammunition.

When deciding on where to shack up for the night make sure you choose the right location. it's less of a goldilocks and the three bears, rather goldilocks and the three ill tempered mutated bear like monsters!

Whistle dogmeat to your side, take a deep breath and ready up - Fallout 4 is set for release November 10 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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