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As I am sure many of you are already aware, the Peanuts movie is in theaters today!

Though, there's much to be concerned about with the classic film being recreated in 3D -- your concerns will quickly turn into your favorite parts of the film. Just watch the film and tell me that your positive vibe from the trailers doesn't overpower it. I will definitely be in the theater this weekend, smack in the middle of the audience, excitedly munching on popcorn and way too much candy! Here's what we can definitely look forward to in the Peanuts movie.

Amazing Animation

The Peanuts story has always been told in a two dimensional world. Whether it's from the comics or the classic cartoons, the Charlie Brown we know and love has been represented in a flat world. However, that all changes with the newest installment to the franchise. We finally get to see the gang, depth and all, in a refreshing take on a world that we're used to. Tell me you don't get excited when you see your favorite characters in three dimensions.

Bringing it back to the old school

One thing that all fans of the franchise can look forward to are the unique new takes on classic storylines. If you're a fan of the football kick fake-out, you're definitely going to enjoy this one. It brings together old and new fans alike to connect over a timeless story.

Classic Snoopy Action

Yes, you read that correct. You will be seeing some awesome Snoopy action in this one. The Red Baron is awesome and it wouldn't be a Peanuts film without it.

So, I have some homework for you. I know, I know, no one likes homework...

but this is fun homework. I promise!


Here is what I want you to do, specifically:

  • Go see the movie
  • Report back here and do this faaaaantastic poll


What was your overall reaction to The Peanuts movie?


How did you see the movie?


Did you like that it was computer animation?


Who is your favorite character? ;)

Thanks for sharing!! Leave questions and/or opinions in the comments section.

Make sure to check out The Peanuts Movie in theaters today


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