ByChristine Petric, writer at
Christine Petric

So if we want to stereotype star wars fans into nerds who don't have a relationship the preppy blonde who probably drinks star bucks and watches big brother can sit down and shut up and have an open mind that half the world disagrees with your stupid opinion and takes offence to your stereotyping.

Star wars is one of the most iconic series with an amazing story, great characters, and is a classic movie that made a break through in the sci fi genre. It was way ahead of its time making it a childhood memory that has been passed on. It is oversaturated because it caters to young and old and is amazing not because they are over producing but because there is demand. No different then Barbie sweetheart.

Jj Abrams is the director who produced star trek which was a smash hit and if you didn't know that leave the news to people who actually study what they are talking about. It is kinda your job. Anyway Abrams is bringing a new twist to the movie however no...changing colours of storm troopers would be like adding talking animals to an action movie! People like you ruin movies. We want you to stay true to the character. Try actually watching the movies or reading the books before you bash them because star wars was just as big in the 70's and even when I was young.

Report on news no one watches instead of bashing a fandom that has taken over the world. "nerds" unite!


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