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I don't like extremely hard trivia quizzes. I've never been one to pay so much attention to a show that I notice every little detail about everything. Also Grey's Anatomy has 12 seasons and expecting you to know what happened in season 2 episode 25 (Burke gets shot) is insane. I'm going to include things that happened from all the seasons but if you watched the show you should still be able to get a good amount of them right just from memory. So, are you ready?


McSteamy was Mark Sloan, McHottie was the unofficial name for Owen Hunt, McDreamy was Derek Shepard and McDonuts is because I'm craving donuts. Something about health shows always make me hungry for unhealthy foods.


The now infamous Gary Clark tragically cut down 11 people and injured 7 more, before he took his own life. He was grief stricken over the loss of his wife Allison and shot anyone who was dismissive or rude to him. Surprisingly the resident demon Christina Yang was one of the few people who was nice to him.


Though Yang did have a miscarriage before, it was in a much earlier season and this particular scene had an icicle come from the roof and impale her.


Dr. Mark Sloan: "You know, it's funny. Derek walks in on me naked with his wife, actually in the throes, and he just turns around and walks away. But he sees me so much as talking to you, and I'm on the ground bleeding. Interesting, don't you think?" Though it was thought that it was over Addison at first, it was indeed because of Meredith.


AIDS was relatively unknown at the time so it was a pretty risky situation treating someone with it. Given that Richard was a black male and Ellis was a woman in the 80's, they were both discriminated against but they put their foot down to help out a man who didn't admit that he may have had AIDS until he was displaying many of the symptoms.


Seattle Grace, Seattle Grace Mercy West, Grey Sloan Memorial.


George O'Malley was gravely injured by a bus while trying to save a girl. He succumbed to his injuries soon after being identified. Though Ellis Grey was the first character on the list to die, she wasn't a doctor at Seattle Grace but another patient. Heather Brooke was the last and Burke is still alive.


She has survived a bomb, a gunman, drowning, a plane crash and getting surgery from an intern in the dark. How is she alive?


In order, Derek Shepard owned and lived in the trailer (despite making 2 mil a year), Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens lived there when they were married, and currently Owen Hunt lives there after giving up his old fire station home.


Scott Foley appeared as Henry Burton, a patient of former attending Teddy Altman who would later become her husband. He is joined on that list by Jeff Perry and Kate Burton who played Thatcher and Ellis Grey on Grey's Anatomy, and Cyrus Beane and Sally Langston respectively. It's funny that they hated each other in both shows.


Callie Torres went to Mercy West right before the merge. Alex Karev went to a special pediatric surgery clinic before returning. Ben Warren went to UCLA to become a surgeon but returned as an intern and now a surgical resident. Arizona is the only one who hasn't left her position.


Although all of those things happened, the car crash, the earthquake and the hurricane, it was the plane crash that would eventually claim her leg. It was a cause of great conflict between Callie and Arizona after she forcibly made Callie promise her she'd keep the leg.


3. Maggie Pierce, the daughter of Ellis Grey and Richard Webber. The late Lexie Grey and Molly Grey-Thompson, the daughters of Thatcher Grey.


Derek Shepard would often say this before starting an operation. He also said it at the staff meeting during his short stint as the Chief of Surgery.


Trick question. Despite his long illustrious career, Richard Webber has never won the Harper Avery. He also may never win the Harper Avery since he is a part of the board of his hospital that is also partially owned by Harper Avery Foundation. So no one currently at Grey Sloan Memorial has won a Harper Avery and there's no change in sight. (That's why Yang left)


Hope you enjoyed my little quiz and it wasn't too easy for you. Be sure to watch Grey's Anatomy this Thursday. Feel free to check out my other TGIT trivia quizzes.

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