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While Universal does have its Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the walk-through of the castle of Hogwarts is just a simple stroll through the castle. Although visitors obviously are treated to many familiar images and items, as well as a visit from our favorite trio. Now, though, there is a real live castle in Poland that you can visit to get the real Hogwarts experience!

Credit Christina Molbech
Credit Christina Molbech

For only $375, or 38 galleons and 27 bronze knuts, you can spend four days in a castle, visiting the school were the proprietors cover both food and lodging. Visitors will be roleplaying as students, casting spells on each other, where you decide how to react during the duel.

You attend classes to learn all about the magical arts, meet magical creatures, and can even get into trouble, or just spend time making new friends. You get sorted into a House and decide what journey you want your wizarding alter-ego to take.

Credit Christina Melboch
Credit Christina Melboch

While it is roleplay, it is an experience more real than any Harry Potter fan could previously dream of. With magic and a location that looks like it leapt off of the pages of J.K. Rowling's script itself, it is an experience that many will never forget.

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