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I don't like extremely hard trivia. I've never been one to pay so much attention to a show that I notice every little detail about everything. Scandal is only on its fifth season but still expecting you to remember tiny details is kind of weird. Hopefully it will be a little challenging and not just a brush off. I'm going to include things that happened from all the seasons but if you watched the show you should still be able to get a good amount of them right just from memory, So, are you ready?



1) What are the members of Olivia Pope's group called?

Gladiators are what they're called, White Hats are what they wear (metaphorically), OPA is where they work and Red Coats are the British.


2) What Is The Name Of The Secret Organization In Scandal

Command is the person who runs B613, the shadow organization. The Syndicate is from Mission Impossible and Hydra is from Marvel.


3) What was Operation Remington?

President Grant shot down the commercial flight to Iceland in order to kill Olivia's domestic terrorist mother.


4) What Fictional Restaurant Is Featured on Scandal?

Gettysburger is the burger joint from Scandal. Big Belly Burger is from The Flash, Emerald City Bar is from Grey's Anatomy and West Wing Cafe is an actual place.


5) What is Quinn's real name?

I was tempted to put Katie Lowes (the actor's real name) as an answer and see how much hate mail I get but Quinn's original name was Lindsay Dwyer. Amanda Clarke is Emily's real name on Revenge, Kara Danvers is Kara Zor-El's name on Supergirl and Quinn Fabray is from Glee.


6) How Does Olivia Pope first know Quinn Perkins?

This is a bit of a trick question. Although Quinn first met Olivia after she was hired by Harrison, it was revealed that Olivia saved Quinn/Lindsay from arrest by having Huck kidnap her and bring her to DC.


7) Who Killed Harrison?

This is another tricky question but hopefully knowing that Rowan and Command are usually the same person would help eliminate him as a choice. Though it was Rowan who ordered it, it was Tom the secret service agent who pulled the trigger.


8) Who Kidnapped The Black Lady?

Former Vice Pres. Andrew had a man named Ian Woods kidnap Olivia. It ended up out of control when Ian's insides were exposed to open air.


9) What is the Significance of Defiance, Ohio?

Despite the exit polls, Pres. Fitz Grant won the town of Defiance, Ohio by a landslide. Thanks to these doctored votes, Grant won the election.


10) Which one of these characters hasn't cheated?

Quinn cheated on Huck with Charlie and vice versa. Mellie cheated with Andrew. Jake had a wife that he technically cheated on despite believing she was dead. David is the only one who hasn't cheated (throughout the course of the show, I don't know who he did before)


11) Which Branch of the Military Did President Fitzgerald Grant Spend Time In?

Fitzgerald Grant can be seen many times wearing his Navy shirt. The branch, not the color. *wink*


12) What is the legit job front for the secret organization in Scandal

The front is Acme Paper company.


13) Where is Olivia's Dream Home Built?

Ohio is the site of Defiance, Fitz was formerly the Governor of California, Mellie is the senator of Virginia and Vermont is the location of Olivia and Fitzgerald Grant's dream home.


14) Who is possibly the father of Jerry Grant Jr?

Jerry Grant raped Mellie and was thought to have possibly been Jerry Grant Jr.'s father.


15) Which of These People Did Not Know About Defiance?

Though he benefited from it, President Grant was the only one who had no clue about Defiance.


16) What Crime Was Quinn Implicated In?

Quinn was labeled the "Molotov Mistress" after Cytron blew up and all clues pointed to her doing it.


17) What Creepy Activity Did Huck Enjoy in Season 1

Tricky question if you don't pay attention to the Season 1 part. Though he is revealed to have been watching his wife and son everyday on the subway as a hobo, that was in a later season. In season 1 he would sit and watch a family enjoy the life he couldn't have until his crazy ex-girlfriend murdered them.


18) Why Did David Rosen finally drop his case against B613

Though a lot of the B613 members were killed (not by Jake), and Huck initially refused to testify, it was the murder of the jurors that let David know it was time to quit.


19) How Did Jerry Grant Jr. Die?

Tom the secret service agent poisoned Jerry with a needle filled with Bacterial Meningitis.


20) Why Was Eli Pope Arrested?

Though "Rowan" was detained (not formally arrested) for being Command and for killing Jerry Grant, it was Eli Pope who was arrested for embezzling from his job. After having most of his B613 agents murdered and with Tom in prison indefinitely, there was no one left to help him.


How Many Did You Get Right?

Hope you enjoyed this and it wasn't too easy for you. Don't forget to watch Scandal this Thursday! Check out my other two TGIT trivia quizzes by clicking the links below!

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