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Spectre, Daniel Craig's fourth (and final) James Bond movie releases November 6th. It will be the continuation of one of the greatest and longest running franchises of all time, and I am immensely excited. While many people believe that Sean Connery gave the best portrayal of 007, I still think that Craig has done a masterful job as the secret agent. He is emotionally attached to the role in a way that few of the previous actors have been, and is just all around fun to watch.

Here is my ranking of Craig's first three Bond films, although to be honest, I am nitpicking since I love them all.

3. Quantum of Solace (2008)

Easily the weakest of the three, Quantum was Craig's second attempt at playing Bond. He did a fantastic job in the role, but a lackluster plot and a few (a lot) poorly written scenes did the movie in. Granted, most of these problems came from outside of the actor's (and director's) control, but this film was still a bit of a letdown compared to the previous film...

2. Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale! This film is so much fun in so many different ways. We were introduced to Daniel Craig in a major way in that one rope scene (you know what I'm talking about), but even the shock of that brutality didn't turn me away. In fact, if it did anything, it pulled me in even more into the engrossing story line! Le Chiffre is an awesome villain, and this movie is just plain entertaining from beginning to end. There are a few plot holes, however (Why did Bond need to play the poker game in the first place? Didn't they already have the evidence on Le Chiffre?) that keep Casino from taking the top spot.

1. Skyfall (2012)

Ugh. This movie is so damn good. With a ruthless villain, compelling action sequences and one of the most emotional scenes in the whole Bond franchise, Skyfall truly has everything. There are throwbacks to the older movies (the old Bond car), and we learn about 007s childhood - something we didn't know we needed to learn but was awesome when we did. Skyfall has a lot going on, and pretty much all of it is good. While not a perfect film (no movie is), Craig's most recent adventure is the most entertaining of his three.

Spectre is in theaters now!


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