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We all know the story and by now we have all seen the film, but for some reason questions remain on how or why Padme died in the end of Episode 3. So let me help you less adept Star Wars fans out a bit and explain to you what happened.

As we all know Padme dies just after giving birth to Luke and Leia. We also know that the medical droid reports to Obi Wan that, "She has lost the will to live." We also know that Darth Sidious told Darth Vader that, "In your anger, you killed her." While I understand that these conflicting reports were bound to cause confusion. Here's what we can say for sure; Sidious is a liar and droids are consistently unreliable when it comes to understanding the power of The Force.

We can say with 100% certainty that Sidious is a liar because he is a Sith, but also because we see Padme alive after Anakin force choked her out. When it comes to the droid, it's not really his fault. The Jedi are notoriously secretive about the force beyond it's obvious awesomeness. Therefore, the information the droid is relying on in this case is surely incomplete. What information could he have been missing? What are the Jedi hiding? Force bonds.

What are force bonds? Force bonds are metaphysical attachments that are occasionally created when a force user develops a close personal relationship with someone. This is the second and almost never mentioned reason why attachment is forbidden amongst the Jedi. The only example I know of where a force bond was created in Star Wars canon is in the "Knights of the Old Republic" game franchise. When a force bond is active those who are bonded can feel each other's emotions and physical pain across any distance.

In this case, such a bond was surely created between Padme and Anakin. Thus when Anakin was rendered paraplegic and burned alive, Padme felt it. And when he was pulled apart and put back together to become the figure we know today as Darth Vader, Padme felt it. And when Anakin "died" and was replaced by Darth Vader, Padme died with him.

Fun fact: E.T.'s race was inserted into the Star Wars canon in Episode 1, thus paving the way for the possibility that E.T. was force sensitive. Which explains his ability to display telekinetic powers, the ability to heal living things and as we all recall from the end of "E.T.", the ability to create force bonds. Which explains the metaphysical connection that was created between E.T. and Elliott.

So my fellow movie-pilotonians (if that is what we call ourselves), what do you think?


Was Padme killed as a result of a force bond?


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