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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Theories for Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens has ranged mightily. Everything from Luke being Kylo Ren or Luke actually being dead has been speculated on.

Luke's sister, Leia, has been pretty absent from marketing and we haven't seen much of her in the trailers and pictures. With he release of the multiple character posters that were released this past week we may have gotten a clue as the what Leia has in store of us!

Is Leia The Leader Of The New Rebel Alliance?

This theory is coming straight from IGN. In their analysis of the character posters, they say that the background is very reminiscent of Echo Base.

We know that Leia sends Poe on a mission, who is part of the resistance, but that mission is unclear as of now. The Resistance is a new form of the Rebel Alliance and this background could signal that Leia is in fact the general of sorts to this brigade. The posters all seemed to reveal a bit about each of the characters and I don't believe that this green, war room like background has no meaning. With Luke being absent, who better to take over than Leia? And possibly even Han! So could Leia really be the leader of this new Rebel Alliance?

So does this all make sense?

Of all the fan theories that we have heard on the internet I believe this one makes the most sense! Princess Leia is definitely well respected and could be a mastermind as a war general. Leia was a huge part of the Rebel Alliance's crusades in the original trilogy so why not carry on over with an even bigger role! With Leia's role possibly revealed, I think it is time to find out if Luke is actually Jason Todd already...


Will Leia Be The Leader Of The Resistance?


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