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...doubt. Wakanda's treasures belong to the country, NOT to T'Challa personally, so basically he should have the last place on this list or not even be on it. And I doubt heavily, based on real life politics, that T'Challa could get a billion in cash as easy or as quick as Stark could. And Stark is responsible to nobody than himself, while T'Challa...well, I think I made my point :-) Same goes for - I read that in other comments - Odin or other outer space dudes. Odin might have stuff of unmeasurable value in his collection, as well has The Collector - but they don't have real cash to spend. Try to pay with a Norn Stone in, where do you guys go shopping, Walmart or something? ^^ The only real competition for him would be Ozymandias from Watchmen, since he is everything Tony is, and more - that's at least my guess. There are tons of wealthy people in comics, no one ever has to worry about money (which is part of the concept), but Stark or Veidt (Ozymandias - did you know he is german? Juuuust like me - yay (still not rich though...dammit...)) will always be number 1. Let's share 1st place between Stark and Veidt, fair enough.

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