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While we still don't know Glenn's fate on The Walking Dead, chances are he hasn't made it out alive, so I would like to make a post in honor of the man behind the character! Steven Yeun has always put a lot of work into this character, and his loss on the show would be the most devastating yet. So, you think you know everything there is to know about this The Walking Dead alum? I bet you're wrong!

1. He roomed with Sheldon Cooper

In The Big Bang Theory, you can find Steven Yeun in the episode "Staircase Implementation" as Sheldon's roommate before Leonard. He quickly warns Leonard of the crazy man upstairs, and leaves the building with a box full of his things.

2. He has a Bachelor's degree in psychology

Yeun has a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Kalamazoo College, and was going to be a neurosurgeon before pursuing an acting career.

3. He was in a sketch comedy group called Stir Friday Night

That's right, even before he got into acting, Yeun wanted to do improv, and was a part of an Asian American group called Stir Friday Night!

4. He is an investor in "The Bun Shop"

Steven is an investor in The Bun Shop, a bakery owned by his little brother Brian Yeun.

5. He is not fluent in Korean

Despite being born in South Korea and growing up with South Korean parents, Steven can only speak a little Korean!

6. He was born Yeun Sang-Yeop

That's right, Yeun's name wasn't always Steven. Something tells me someone with the name Yeun Sang-Yeop would never have become famous!

7. He moved from Korea to Michigan, just like Glenn

Just like his most famous character, Steven Yeun's family moved from Korea to Michigan when he was a baby!

8. He took boxing to get into shape

Instead of the regular workout regimen that most actors use, Steven does something he loves to stay in fighting shape for Glenn!

9. He enjoys playing guitar

Yeun playing guitar at E3 in LA
Yeun playing guitar at E3 in LA

Just like Glenn, Yeun can play guitar, and loves doing it!

10. He was nominated for a Saturn award

Yeun was nominated for a Saturn Award for best supporting actor on television in 2011 for his role of Glenn on The Walking Dead, but sadly was beat out by John Noble for his role in Fringe.


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